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Prepare to Get Flexed

Via Sun Sentinel

According to an NBC spokesperson, the network's flex schedule will be decided by NFL officials after the conclusion of this weekend's games, and announced next Monday.

Along with the Dec. 28th Dolphins-Jets showdown, which could decide the AFC East winner if both teams win this Sunday, Dallas playing at Philadelphia, and the Giants playing at Minnesota are also believed to be strong contender for NBC's Week 17 primetime game.

Being slotted in that flex game would push the Dolphins-Jets game, which will be played at The Meadowlands, from a 1 p.m. kickoff to 8:15 p.m.

As long as both teams win this weekend, there is no way the Jets-Dolphins matchup gets passed over. The ratings would be through the roof with all of the subplots. Favre trying to get his team over the top in the nation's biggest media market. Pennington looking to stick it to his old team on his old home field playing with the Jets' biggest rival. The two quarterbacks meeting in that stadium in Week 17 with the AFC East title on the line just like in 2002. A Belichick protege, Eric Mangini, against a Parcells disciple, Tony Sparano. There will be plenty of time for dissecting this game next week, but plan on staying up late a week from Sunday and getting your dinner early.