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The Comment

It is going to be the headline of every piece of Jets coverage tomorrow so here is Brett Favre's remark to the press on the team's Playoff chances.

I haven't even thought about it. I expect us to make the playoffs. I didn't expect us to lose the last two games, but I don't know if too many people expected us to win five straight — maybe our team did. If we're able to win five straight and accept that, then we have to be willing to deal with these two games that we've lost and figure out a way to turn it around.

The bottom line is we're 8‑5 and we're tied for the division. There are several divisions out there that are similar to ours, in that it's up in the air. There are three games left. We can't worry about the remaining two. We have to worry about this one. It will be tough, obviously, especially based on the way that we've played the last two weeks.

I expect us to make the playoffs. I would hope that every guy in the locker room feels the same way. Why think any differently? Whatever happens after that, I'll deal with that when it comes.

The Jets have not visited the promised land since another Hall of Fame quarterback expressed similar confidence in the team. These next eight weeks will tell us a lot about this franchise. There has been a dark cloud hanging over the Jets since Super Bowl III. That culture of losing has transcended generations and reared its ugly head at the worst of times. It might take an outsider untainted by the curse of this franchise to break it. We will soon know whether the magic of Favre is enough to overcome four decades worth of bad voodoo.