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Jets 47 Rams 3: Utter Domination

The Jets went to 6-3 this afternoon with a 47-3 drubbing of the St. Louis Rams. This game was over from the opening kickoff as the Jets marched right now the field for a touchdown drive. There is no reason for a detailed breakdown of this contest. I could nitpick Brett Favre's continued insistence on putting the ball up for grabs or Dwight Lowery's penalties, but pretty much everything else went right.

Thomas Jones went off for 149 yards and 3 touchdowns. Dustin Keller had a breakout game with 6 catches for 107 yards and a touchdown. The defense forced 5 turnovers. The offense scored every time it touched the ball in the first half. Jay Feely hit 4 field goals, including a 55 yarder. These were the biggest stars of the game, but it was a total team effort, the best game the club has put together in years.

Perhaps the Buffalo game last week was a turning point, a contest that gave the club a swagger. This Jets team was different from any we had seen all year. Contenders dust creampuffs like the Rams at home, not struggle against creampuffs like the Chiefs and Bengals. The signs are that this team could be on the verge of catching fire. We will find out more on Thursday, however.