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Glauber: Pennington=Favre

Bob Glauber apparently thinks there is no difference between Chad Pennington and Brett Favre.

Pennington has seven touchdown passes and four interceptions to go with zero lost fumbles - the kind of stats he was known for during his years with the Jets. Believe it or not, his 8.2-yard average completion is better than Favre's 6.9-yard average.

Glauber may be right that the Jets would be 5-3 with Pennington, but this argument is fatally flawed. Pennington's physical limitations leave him ill-equipped to take a team all the way. His ceiling is probably the second round. If Favre gets red hot, he is good enough to win it all as he has shown during his career. This is not to say that Brett will do so or that we should expect it, but he gives this team a much higher ceiling. That means the Jets are better off with Favre.