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Decision 2008: Jets Style

Today is Election Day in America. We will choose the man to lead our nation for the next four years. If the major candidates were played by Jets, here is who they would probably be.

John McCain: Brett Favre

Both men have been at it for a long time, a nice way of saying they are old. The most common adjectives for both are cowboy terms (maverick, gunslinger). They definitely march to their own beat. McCain and Favre were adored by the media for a long time until recently. Now press coverage involving them is largely negative. Both men also made big changes, McCain moving his view more in line with his party, and Favre moving to New York, trying for one last shot at glory.

Sarah Palin: Kellen Clemens

Both burst onto the scene at a young age and appeared they would become stars for their respective organizations for a long time (Republican Party, New York Jets). After the initial buzz, Palin and Clemens both had numerous public stumbles. However, diehard fans of both believe their future can still be bright.

Barack Obama: Eric Mangini

Both men were strikingly young and inexperienced when undertaking a big assignment. They both possess obvious ability and hope they will get the chance to try and shake up the firmly established status quo in the coming years (Washington politics, Patriots domination).

Joe Biden: Abram Elam

Both men perform solidly on the whole, but they constantly commit high profile gaffes at the least opportune of times.

This is not really a forum for endorsing one candidate over another. All I will say is that it is your duty as an American to get to the polls today. You have the chance to choose your government from the state to the local level. How can anybody not take advantage of it? I am sure we would all camp out overnight if we had the chance to vote Brian Schottenheimer out of a job.