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Week 13 Rooting Guide

We are nearing the home stretch. This site has avoided thinking about the Playoffs because these are the Jets. They are perfectly capable of collapsing without Gang Green Nation testing fate by talking postseason. However, at this point of the year, it is impossible to ignore, especially considering how this team looks. This week fans should root for:

The Lions to beat the Titans: Sure, this is a longshot, but the Jets trail Tennessee by two games for the top seed in the AFC. New York obviously controls the head to head tiebreaker. When a team suffers its first loss at this point of the season, it can be a devastating blow. These clubs lose their invincibility and their confidence. If Detroit pulls off the upset, the possibility of homefield advantage goes from unlikely to a distinct possibility.

The Patriots to beat the Steelers: One might think I am crazy for making this suggestion considering it involves rooting for Bill Belichick when his team is only a game out of first. While this is true, this is a season to think big. Even though the Jets are a game up on New England, they control the tiebreaker of division record. This provides some extra breathing room. The Steelers are tied with the Jets for the second spot in the AFC, which means a critical bye and second round home game.

The 49ers to beat the Bills: This one is obvious. The Bills are two games out in the division race. The 49ers play in the other conference.

The Rams to beat the Dolphins: See 49ers vs. Bills.

The Browns to beat the Colts: The Colts are an emerging threat on the horizon. They have caught fire after a slow start. This team is immensely talented. They are a perennial contender for a reason. If somebody does not douse them with water, they will be a club nobody wants to see in January.