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D-Rob Update

With the Broncos coming to town this weekend, this is a good time to see how former Jet Dewayne Robertson is doing. This is relevant because Gang Green sent him to Denver for a conditional 2009 Draft pick, which will depend on his quality of play.

Judging from the numbers, the Jets probably could get a deflated football, and it would be a steal. D-Rob has only 17 tackles and 0.5 sacks in 10 games. It looks like Denver's latest trade trying to resuscitate the career of a first round bust defensive lineman is a failure. This has to be something of a surprise. Robertson has immense talent and did thrive in his natural 4-3 under tackle position in 2004. It seemed like he only might need a change of scenery after the 3-4 nose tackle experiment failed. Apparently not.

In other news, Robertson's replacement with the Jets, Kris Jenkins, is the best defensive tackle in football. Thankfully, Denver parted with a midround pick for the wrong defender.