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Titans Chirp

Despite being blown out of their own building by the Jets, many Titans were unimpressed by their Sunday opponent.

"I'm not going to sit here and keep complimenting them at all," Bulluck said after repeatedly crediting the Jets for being the better team Sunday. "Defensively we didn't answer the bell and that's it. Not to discredit them (but) I don't think that team is better than us. They were today, definitely by far. They put a lot of points up and held us to very few. They are definitely one of the top teams in the AFC."

According to Haynesworth, the Jets aren't the top dog in the AFC yet.

"I think we are," said Haynesworth, who had 1-1/2 sacks and a forced fumble but was otherwise held in check. "We just didn't have a good game. They played really good ball. We didn't show up. We didn't play nowhere near as good as we can."

While teams should do their talking on the field and not in the locker room after a three touchdown loss, this really should not rankle the Jets and their fans. The Titans should be confident in their own abilities. There would be a big problem if they actually believed the Jets were that much better than they are. This was like Shaun Ellis' comments after a loss in Pittsburgh in 2004 that got some Steelers upset.

There is a good chance these teams will meet again in January. If they do, nobody will remember this game. The winner of that contest will go down as the better team.