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Two Kickers?

The Star-Ledger says it is a distinct possibility.

Veteran kicker Jay Feely may have earned himself a roster spot for the rest of the season with his clutch, game-winning 34-yard field goal in overtime against the Patriots Thursday.

It was thought that Feely, who has hit eight straight kicks, would be released in the near future with Mike Nugent (groin) getting close to returning. Not so fast.

This might seem like a waste of a roster spot, but it is difficult to argue with the logic. The Jets should keep riding Feely while he is hot. However, Feely's streakiness is a two way street. Even though he is on fire at this point, he is liable to fall off quickly and shank a pair of field goals in any game. It will be a good thing to have Nugent in reserve and to dump Feely at that point.