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Jets Resign Ty Law

The Jets have resigned Ty Law for the remainder of the 2008 season. Hailed as the final piece of the Super Bowl puzzle in 2005, Law did his part in a miserable 4-12 season, registering 10 interceptions. Many remember him racking up a lot of penalty yardage, but he was adjusting to rules designed to combat his style of play while coming off a major foot injury. He generally did shut down his half of the field that season. Gang Green released him to clear a lot of cap room following that year, and he followed Herman Edwards to Kansas City.

It is time to be honest. Law is a shell of his former self. That 2005 campaign essentially ended his career as a productive starting corner. It would probably be best for Dwight Lowery to remain the starter over him. Even though Dwight has struggled, the more experience he gets, the quicker his level of play will improve. Hopefully that will happen before the end of the year. Lowery's ceiling is higher this year.

The move is still worth it if Lowery continues to start. Even over the hill, a guy with a Hall of Fame skill set is likely an upgrade at the nickel over Drew Coleman and Hank Poteat. The Jets could also transition him to safety. Rod Woodson made the change from shutdown corner into high quality safety late in his career.

Law does have a relationship with Darrelle Revis. The two spoke during Revis' rookie season. Darrelle now will see Law, one of his mentors every day. Law's pointers can only help the Pittsburgh product get better.

The word will be that Eric Mangini's relationship with Law convinced him to sign. Although Edwards was the coach of the Jets during Law's first stint, Mangini was Ty's secondary coach in New England. The reality of the situation is that the Jets were the first team to offer him a roster spot at the money for which he was looking. The press will skewer this pickup since Ty is over the hill, but the fact of the matter is that he will be better than the guy he replaces in the lineup as long as its not Lowery and help the young corners. That makes it a wise investment.