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Herm Being Herm

The official Jets website has a transcript of Herman Edwards' conference call with the press today. The man still has a way with bizarre metaphors.

On the rumors Brett Favre gave the Lions tips on how to beat the Packers (an overblown story I have intentionally avoided):

You’ve got those fish stories again. You know how they get guppy, and then after a few more stories it becomes the whale [laughter]. I don’t know. I’m not involved in that. That’s the first I’ve heard of it.

On how the Jets have changed since he bolted town:

When you change, you change. When you change the head coach, obviously you’re going to change some players, too.

On the rough season the Chiefs are having:

I’ve had a couple of them in my career so far as a head coach. You deal with it.

Too many rough seasons, and a coach ends up looking for a new job. We could be a season or two from seeing Herm dominate college football. He cannot keep surviving lousy seasons, and a two time retread with a career losing record will not have much appeal to NFL owners as a head coach. A former NFL guy will be very attractive to college teams, however. Herm would thrive in the college game. He has the personality to be a great recruiter, the work-life balance fits him better, and his lack of X and O ability will not be as big of a liability against facing less sophisticated schemes. It could be Pete Carroll all over again.