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Report: Houston Texans Interested In Mark Sanchez?


Thanks to Ian Rapoport, there's some talk of the Houston Texans having interest in the Jets' Mark Sanchez. What do Texans fans think of that possibility, however remote?


Is it really necessary for Chip Kelly to name a starting quarterback before training camp?

Michael Vick has been clamoring for a starting quarterback to be named, and you can add DeSean Jackson to that list as well. It seems Vick would like a starting quarterback to named because he's...

The Tebow Petition: We The People Want Him In JAX


President Obama promised us change we could believe in. Houston Texans fans should all hope that includes changing his mind on the decision to kill the Tebow petition on the White House website. We...

Rex Ryan's wife 'Tebows' wearing Mark Sanchez jersey in coach's tattoo


There's a reason you don't get tattoos of people you're dating: The ink doesn't wash away in the shower. It's permanent. Now the media has been guffawing over the revelation that New York Jets...

NFL love: Mark Sanchez asked Santonio Holmes to be his Valentine


Mark Sanchez How cute -- in the aftermath of a dysfunctional 2011 season that saw the New York Jets fight more with each other than on the...

Aaron Rodgers calls tight tanktop and snug pants on Mark Sanchez "embarrassing"


Why is Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers so upset about the photo shoot of New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in September's GQ? With his NFL opener against the New Orleans Saints fast...

Jets QB Mark Sanchez likes "Glee," Justin Bieber and show tunes


Photo by Ben Watts Time to dig out the gay stereotypes. New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez hits the trifecta in an interview and photo...

Mark Sanchez a fan of Broadway musicals


New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is such a fan of Broadway musicals that he introduced a song from "Memphis" at the Tony Awards on Sunday. "I've become a huge fan of musicals since I've come...

Mark Sanchez is "sex on a stick"


I am a religious listener to the Fantasy Focus Football podcast on ESPN starring Nate Ravitz and the "Talented Mr. Roto" Matthew Berry. I also read Berry's columns religiously: Though I think 90%...

Mark Sanchez, swimwear model


Mark Sanchez photo by Carter Smith Former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez was drafted by the New York Jets and it didn't take him long to wind...

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