Sparking A Trade War

Huge fan of GGN I figured with all I have received as a fan from this site it was time to give a little back to GGN. So Here goes my first fanpost ever.

When the Jets get to there first round selection at 18 it is possible one of the top four quarterbacks is there ( Manziel, Bridgewater, Bortles, Carr). Im keeping my 18th pick if one of the following players, in no particular order is there : Calvin Pryor, Clinton Dix, Darquez Dennard, Justin Gilbert, Anthony Barr, Marquise Lee, Brandon Cooks, one of the top offensive linemen. I think these are all possibilities to be there at 18 but also could be gone. If one of these players is not there and one of the QBs are we should seek to trade out of the first with a QB needy team. I looked at Houston, Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Minnesota. I think to trade our 18th pick to Jacksonville or Minnesota would be to costly for them and they would not be willing to pay the price. So we are down to Houston and Cleveland. Both teams pick in the top 5 giving them the possibility of getting supreme talent such as Clowney, Mack, Watkins. Also, both want a QB. Our 18th pick is worth 900 points according to DraftTek. That would mean that Houston would need to give us a 2nd and a 3rd worth 845 points and maybe a 5th and/or a 6th worth 55 points together. There are two possiblilities wiht the Browns. The Browns would need to give us a 2nd,3rd,4th worth 867 points and possibly a late rounder or the 26th pick in the first and a 2nd worth 935 points. If we throw them two late rounders we could make it even. If we had Bridgewater at 18 I think we could start a bidding war between these two. Knowing the value and depth of this draft I think a move like this would be great if we could pull it off. For those of you thinking you don't want to miss out on 1st round star power I would just say that there are superstars every year but not always depth. We are rebuilding and I think that we can take advantage of this depth, build a solid base, and go after our superstar next year. This is what our picks would beif we pulled off this trade with either team:


PICK 33, 65, 141 . Giving us 33,49 (2nd) 65,80 (3rd) 104,115,137 (4th), 141,154 (5th)

Thats 9 picks in the mid rounds 7 of those in the deepest rounds of the draft


PICK (scenario 1) 35, 71,106. Giving us 35,49 (2nd) 71,80 (3rd) 104,106,115,137 (4th)

This gives us a plethora of mid round picks 2 in rds 2 and 3 and 4 in the 4th

It also allows Cleveland to have three first round picks. So we could likely parlay this into even more. I would also take Clevelands first next year and 2nd rounder this year.

PICK (scenario 2) 26,35. Giving us 26 (1st), 35,49 (2nd) 104,115 137 (4th) and we would likely lose a one to two late rounders.

Personally I would love to make either of these trades but I lean toward the Browns. I feel they are more desperate and if we could add the pressure of them losing the 18th pick to Houston they might cave. Also I think they would really like 3 1st rd picks, because who wouldnt. I think that we could really milk that for alot. So tell me what you think of this and who you would draft in which scenario and team.

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