Mock Draft

Round 1 Pick 18: Marqise Lee (WR/USC)

· I’m from the school of thought that Beckham will be gone in the top 12 and the Eagles or Chiefs will leapfrog us for Cooks. I believe neither of them is worth trading up for however. Both have undeniable skill and they probably will be very talented players in the NFL. All that being said I think Lee may be just as good if not better. Lee has incredible separation, hands and even his blocking is pretty ferocious especially for a smaller receiver. When you look at the over all with the previous season (2012) you can either see an injury riddled year to a star talent or someone who just dropped off. I prefer to see the good. I think he will be a star in green. Plus he wants to play here and I think theres something to be said for that.

Trade 1: Kyle Wilson, #49 & #195 Overall in exchange for #35 Overall (Browns)

Round 2 Pick 35: Bradley Roby (CB/Ohio State)

· I If Dennard or Roby fall to the second round, I will honestly be very upset if the Jets don’t make a move. Especially if they grabbed a receiver (like I expect) in the first round. Roby is a great press and man corner. I believe he will fit in great across from Milliner and will be our version of maybe a Brent Grimes or that type of Corner. On the flip side of this, the jets will be trading their own 2nd rounder along with a 6th and Kyle Wilson. This will send Wilson back to Mike Pettine with the Browns thought very highly of Kyle. From our point of view, Kyle plays almost exclusively inside however and we just signed Patterson to do that same thing. Kyle is also expendable because of his contract being up at the end of the year. I believe Roby or Dennard if they fall are worth trading up for.

Trade 2: Kenrick Ellis & #80 Overall in exchange for #57 Overall (Chargers)

Round 2 Pick 57: Troy Niklas (TE/Notre Dame)

· After making the first trade, the one area that’s a huge need is still tight end. In this second trade I have the jets trading our 3rd round pick as well as Kenrick Ellis who I’d normally not be looking to trade, however he also is in the last year of his deal and wont be as cheap as Idzik would like. So package him and the 80th overall pick in exchange for the 57th overall pick in the 2nd round. On the other side, San Diego is desperate for a Nose Tackle and Ellis is 350 pounds of fun. So I think that using our depth at D-Line to fix up our offense is the way to go.

Round 4 Pick 104: Justin Ellis (DL/Louisiana Tech)

· So immediately after trading away part of our D-Line, we add another giant with Justin Ellis (Not related to Kenrick). He’s a giant just like Kenrick (340 Pounds) and is very quick as well. In addition, the jets have scouted Ellis extremely heavily in recent weeks. I’d see this as a pretty good bet to be this pick, and if your wondering, yes I believe he goes this high. He’s very talented and I see him the same way I did Kenrick a couple years ago.

Round 4 Pick 115: Ed Reynolds (FS/Stanford)

· This is one of my favorite picks. I believe Reynolds can be a star on this defense as a center fielder. He’s actually being knocked for the same reasons Lee is for having an amazing 2012 and then not living up to the previous hype in 2013. He’s an extremely good deep man with good angles and has a knack for delivering big hits. He stared when Stanford had a dominant front 7, which the jets do. I’d love if they got Reynolds, especially this late.

Round 4 Pick 137: Kevin Norwood (WR/Alabama)

· Norwood has been a late riser in this draft. He’s a very talented player and has a knack for the clutch catch. The biggest problem with him is that he has never led the Tide in receiving and only had 1, 100 yard receiving day. He I believe will be a solid pick however and will at absolute worst be a #4 receiver however he is extremely gifted athlete. As a side note if Jared Abbrederis or Paul Richardson are on the board, the jets better be making that pick instead.

Round 5 Pick 154: Shayne Skov (ILB/Stanford)

· Skov had a bad couple months. I get that. But he’s a downhill defender that is almost a duplicate of David Harris and I believe he will be a great middle linebacker to replace Harris in the next couple years when his contract is up. I also do think he drops to the 5th round as well. He has a bunch to work on before he’s a capable starter.

Round 6 Pick 209: Aaron Lynch (DE/South Florida)

· I think Lynch also drops because of his character problems and I would gladly add him to our D-Line rotation. His physical talent and athletic ability are undeniable.

Round 6 Pick 210: Jon Urschel (G/Penn State)

· The thing that stuck out to me about Urschel is that he in addition to being huge and mechanically sound, he also is incredibly smart, already having a degree in mathematics and teaching undergrads. Very Impressive.

Round 6 Pick 213: Michael Sam (OLB/Missouri)

· This may be the most controversial pick but this is undeniably great value. Since Idzik took over the jets have been so closed up that Mehta has started to resort to his old pretend sources. Sam needs an environment like that to be able to really thrive.

Round 7 Pick 233: Dexter McDougal (CB/Maryland)

· McDougal is a solid corner who has the chance to compete for a roster and nickleback spot. He does well in the run game and even though he isn’t the fastest corner, he holds his own against pretty much everyone.

This is a very rough guess and i don't expect almost any of this to be correct and i expect more moving around at the back end of the draft, but its just too hard to guess that kind of thing.

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