Mocking the Draft, Jets Results Round Up

So getting the gut feeling that I would end up talking to myself I went completely solo for this run of the two day, eleven hour madness that is Mocking the Draft's Live Draft. Here is the Tracker for the Draft so you can see everyone's place, minus what the actual trades were during the process . For a change I was actually quite conservative, rather than trying to make constant trades I only did two trades in the first two rounds and called that market a day. And without further adieu here is the Jets results after the jump.

Jets Roster Roundup:

First Trade: Broncos traded up, the Broncos gave me their 1st and 2nd round picks in exchange for our first, TB's 4th and our 6th. I figured a 4th and a 6th for a 2nd was a worthwhile investment, though if I had held out a little longer I could have walked away with more from the 49ers. This was at the time when Dennard,Cooks, ODB were been available.

1.31 Brandin Cooks WR

At 29 Dennard was still available, Odell had gone at 20 and Lee went at 23. Not to mention Roby going to the Saints at 27, I had not believed my gamble paid off and I walked away with one of the guys I wanted at 18 down at 31, if Dennard had landed at 31, I would have pulled the trigger on a deal with the Texans or the Redskins to get Cooks at 33 or 34.

Second Trade: NYJ send their 2nd and 5th to the Giants to move up about 5-6 spots to select:

2.43 Jace Armaro TE

I had a bad feeling given the run on OL that TE would go next and with ASF going off the board, I took the risk and traded up to get Amaro. While there wasn't a run on skill players early before my second pick in the round there had been 9 straight offensive players taken.

2.62 Marcus Roberson CB

A slight reach to say the least but GB had taken Keith McGill right before me, and it sidetracked me, I wanted to grab a DB here, and the Safeties on my board weren't for the 2nd round, so Roberson became the closest thing I could get here.

3.80 Christian Jones LB

I figured after getting two skill players and a DB, it was time to think ahead and work on something we might need in the future. Linebakers. Christian Jones works as a 43 ILB, and has at times been a 34 OLB, so I thought having a rotational piece there as a 3-down LBer that can play in multiple packages could help with the Pace/Coples at OLB.

4.115 Josh Huff WR

This was where things got a bit regretful, since I lost out on Dri Archer with the traded TB pick, however I thought a nice tall compliment to Cooks would be handy to reinvigorate our skill positions. Side note, the pick right after TB's took Colt Lyeria strangely enough.

4.137 Jackson Jeffcoat DE/OLB

This had been a mix of BPA and need I wanted to extend and fill out our OLB need here. By this point a lot of Safeties and CBs were off the board. I could have gone with a TE here that was on the lower end like Joe Joe Ducan(undrafted)

6.209.210 Ryan Groy OG Matt Patchan OT

At this point I was looting through older mocks like the Combo Mock, for parts since I wasn't the smartest at the end of the draft but I figured they were there, might as well set up competition for the line.

6.213Christian Bryant FS

Competition at FS and he worked at the spot

7.233 Keith Wenning QB

At this point, why not? I had gotten my receivers, and TE, Matt Simms could use some competition, it was either this or go after Gallon(drafted with the second to last comp), or maybe Saunders for another WR.

And that's it really, personally I rate this a B, I could have been smarter on the trade with the Broncos and more patient with the Giants, saving it to potentially get CJ in the 3rd if Amaro went before my first of two picks in the 2nd.
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