The Jets should NOT have drafted a third receiver.

We have 14 receivers on the roster right now.

Hill, Stephen 12/2 86 Nelson, David SF13 19 Ford, Jacoby U/Oak 18 Hazelton, Vidal SF13 87 Jones, Dwight SF13
87 Decker, Eric U/Den 19 Gates, Clyde W/Mia 81 Evans, Shaquelle 14/4 15 Hakim, Saalim SF13 82 Enunwa, Quincy 14/6

11 Kerley, Jeremy 11/5 17 Salas, Greg P/Phi 16 Saunders, Jalen 14/4 18 Campbell, Michael SF13


Lets assume that Hazelton, Jones, Hakim, Salas and Campbell are just camp bodies and won't make the team. This leaves us with 9 receivers and they are:

1) Eric Decker 4) Stephen Hill 7) Shaq Evans

2) Jeremy Kerley 5) Clyde Gates 8) Jalen Saunders

3) David Nelson 6) Jacoby Ford 9) Quincy Enunwa

Most Teams Carry 5 WR during the season. Let's assume the Jets carry 6 which is a lot. This mean three of these nine players got to go. Decker, Kerley, Nelson and Ford should not be cut. I know a lot of people think we should cut Ford, but he is the best kick returner we have and has potential to be a great receiver. That's just my opinion. So if these 4 guys make it, That means only two of the following will make the team:

Stephen Hill Shaq Evans

Clyde Gates Jalen Saunders

Quincy Enunwa

Which two players should make it? It's obviously going to be the two 4rth round picks (Evans, Saunders). Cutting either of these picks be admitting making the wrong selection by Idzik. 4rth round picks aren't expected to be cut in training camp. I know we follow a competition mantra and all that, but when it comes to draft picks, Idzik would never allow these two players to be cut in their first year. So that means Stephen Hill, Clyde Gates and Enunwa have to go. You see my point! Enunwa is put in a position where he has to fail and has no chance to make the final 53. When he gets cut another team will pick him up and that means the Jets wasted that pick. We should have went in a different direction.

The plethora of receivers also means its highly likely for Stephen Hill to be cut. We would be forced to let go of our project in only his second year which is not a good thing because you never know. Ideally you would like to keep him for another year to make sure he is a bust.

Bottom Line: Quicy Enunwa is unfairly put in a position were it is almost impossible for him to make the team. We shouldn't have picked a receiver after already picking two receivers.

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