State of The Jets: Backfield

Since I'm pretty bored I am going to be doing a analysis of each positional Unit for what we got right now. This includes the players we have now, how they project in the future, and the possibility of any Free Agents/UDFA still out there who could help us out. I'd like to consider myself pretty knowledgable about personnel, schemes, players, development. I'm trying to become a pretty consistent and respected writer on this site without being too much of a know it all. Anyway, heres the first of many positional Breakdowns, let me know what you guys think


You've got to like what we have done here this offseason. Our recent additions have made this a strong unit, and although the value of the RB is declining each year, there is still no substitute for a kick ass run game.

I'd honestly like to see Geno Smith win the QB spot because I think he can be more successful in a true west coast scheme with shorter passes and more running. Michael Vick will just stunt his growth and alter Marty Morningwheg playbook due to his slightly different skill set than Geno. If we keep Genos attempts to around 18-25 throws a game, I think we can have success.

I think Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory will be the best 1-2 punch in football this year. They are perfect complements to one another. And Bilal Powell is everything you look for in a No. 3 back, with a little bit of everything. Goodson is too unpredictable and one-dimensional to keep around IMO, and with how much we plan on running the ball I think we need a nice 4th RB in case someone goes down (as CJ is known to do). I'd prefer a smaller stockier one-cut guy from UDFA or the lower tiers of free agency who can be a special teamer, maybe local product Miguel Maysonet from Riverhead and Stony Brook. Somebody who can do a little bit of everything like powell. (please feel free to list some guys below), also some guys who already signed as UDFA will get cut and we can scoop em up. There are so many quality RBs who fall through the cracks that can be quality role players.

I like Ivory lining up in the I formation behind the QB much more than I like him in the gun. Get him with a Fullback in front of him (more on that later) up the gut behind mangold and Colon and I like that on early downs. Johnson is good in singleback sets, in the gun, and with a fullback.

What I would really love to see is the continuation of using some pistol offense. We had success with it against the falcons using Goodson, now Imagine that with CJ2k. Ivory lined up to the side of Geno in the pistol with CJ behind him. Either (or all 3) is a threat to run there. Ivory to the inside, CJ or Geno to the outside. I think the pistol could really work wonders for us. Pistol could also be friendly to a short passing posession type receiver/TE players that we have. Geno also ran it a ton at WVU.

Now for our Fullback. We cant seem to get this right since t-rich left. Of course after we let conner go he has a great season for the Giants. I liked the Bohanon pick initially, but he just cant seem to get it done as a blocker. Our fullback needs to be able to block, I dont know much about this Jones guy from SDSU but he seems to be a Bohanon clone. With the rise of the aerial offense, theres gotta be some great blocking fullbacks around out of a job (i feel like SF and SEA have 6 on their rosters between them. If we want to run the ball we need a head-bashing FB, plain and simple. I know rex would love Nikita Whitlock, and his versatility to play DL and LB could also be a plus (not to mention he screams potential excellent special teamer). Vonta Leach, Michael Robinson, Leron McClain ALL AVAILABLE...HELLO? Or What about local legend Jason Gwaltney when he gets out of Jail?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I do think Colt Lyerla is an incredibly talented player who would step in from UDFA and be the best H-back in the league. Hes got Aaron Hernandez-like skills, except has more tools for blocking and actually has ran the ball (and ran the ball well) out of the backfield. I would LOVE for him to get a camp invite. He could be a secondary fullback, while also serving as a H-back, TE, WR, and potentially some running back.

Our run game has to be the core of our offense. We have Power, speed, a mobile QB for options, and a quality 3rd RB. I think we could come close to two 1,000 yard rushers with powell adding another 200-400 yards and our QB a couple hundred yards and some TDs too. Our fullback and/or 4th rb could get some carries as well.

I think the Jets have the backs, scheme, and line to lead the NFL in rushing this season

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