Why Shaq Evans Will Be A Very Nice Addition To The Jets Offense w/ 2014 Predictions

Shaquelle Evans WR, UCLA

HT:6'1 WT: 213

2013 Stats: 47 Catches, 709 Yards, 15.1 AVG, 9 TDS


Evans is very big kid coming out of UCLA and coming in to predominantly passing league his size will help him thrive. Produced constantly at UCLA all 3 years he was there, Led the team in receptions his last two years at UCLA, and Made 32 career starts for them. To me there is no question Shaq's durability because of his size it will make him very hard to bring down. That being said he is not afraid to get physical to make a contested catch. Has nice big hands and doesn't drop a lot of passes. Hes not the fastest of receiver but hes not the slowest either, he can elude some defenders in open field which is good shows that he can get some yards after the catch. He can block very well down field with his big muscular frame which not many of our receiver can do. Very smart and works hard to get open for his quarterback and his work ethic is phenomenal.


In my opinion he must get faster which isn't a huge problem at all many of the receiver in the NFL are not so fast either so he wont be a deep threat and his speed limits him to being a NO.2 receiver for now. Also he must do better in creating separation that comes hand in hand with the speed to. The thing I think he should most improve on is his mental toughness often letting his mistakes get the best of him.


Shaq can come in this training camp and win the NO.2 job im kinda rooting for him to. As he learns from Eric Decker who will be probably taking over the NO.1 job he will progress and become a weapon for us. Shaq is a possession receiver which is fine I think he will be a redzone threat to with his size. Shaq was one of the sleepers on Day 3 and im glad to have him on the Jets. As time goes on I think he will get faster and maybe take over the NO.1 job soon so Decker can keep producing the way he did in Denver. Shaq will definitely be a weapon for Geno and he makes our terrible pass offense that much better with the addition of Amaro and Saunders

Prediction for 2014:

47 Catches, 702 Yards, 14.3 AVG, 6 TDs

Give me your stat predictions in the comments below

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