Remaining Talent

For anyone wondering, these are our remaining picks for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Round 4, Pick 4 (104) (Bucs)

Round 4, Pick 15 (115)

Round 4, Pick 37 (137) (Comp)

Round 5, Pick 14 (154)

Round 6, Pick 19 (195)

Round 6, Pick 33 (209) (Comp)

Round 6, Pick 34 (210) (Comp)

Round 6, Pick 37 (213) (Comp)

Round 7, Pick 18 (233)

That's a lot of picks. People get excited for days 1 and 2 of the draft because that's where the stars are, but we have 9 picks for Saturday night. Not only are we loaded with picks, but 3 of them are in the 4th round, including the 4th pick of the night. With four picks in the 6th round, we also have some maneuverability and can move up a few spots if there is a guy with star potential on the board. There are still some gems to be had in this draft, and I think there are some solid NFL starters left on the board. There's a lot of value to be had on day 3 and for anyone who is stressing out over the people we missed, make sure to take a look at some of the talent left on the board. Here are some of the players (in no particular order) that I think could be high value picks, regardless of where they end up. Some of them would be great fits, though.

G David Yankey - 6'6" 315lbs. (4th round)

David Yankey is easily my favorite remaining prospect. I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd gone early in the 3rd round. Some people had him going in the first round and I'm not entirely sure what has led to his slide. Simply put, this guy is gigantic. He's a mauler in run blocking. He has played at both tackle positions and both guard positions, so he has incredible versatility. He is solid in run and pass blocking. His athleticism is somewhat lacking and he was probably hurt a bit by his poor combine performance, but he has very good footwork. Very fast feet. He has 3 years of starter experience in which he played 40 games. He's considered a good leader and has no knocks against him in his intangibles. He would make the perfect replacement for Colon in the future or in the event of an injury, and I honestly believe he is already a better Guard than Winters or anyone else we have in camp. The guy is a rock.

WR Bruce Ellington - 5'9" 197lbs. (4th round)

Despite his lack of height, he played basketball during his college career. He's got a whopping 39 1/2" vertical and can contest jump balls despite his small stature. He has solid thickness at 197lbs, but it doesn't hurt his speed at all, which is solid as well clocking a 4.45 40 yard dash and impressive times in the shuttle and footwork drills. I like this prospect, but I don't know how well he would fit with the team. He would provide good wide receiver depth, but I don't see him being able to play outside. He seems to be a slot receiver, and we already have an excellent, if injury prone, slot receiver in Jeremy Kerley. Ellington is not an expert route runner and will require time to develop. I'm not sure I see a great fit with Ellington, though there is a lot of potential there. I wasn't particularly blown away by his game tape, but he does have potential to become a solid receiver. He is truly fearless. I was pretty impressed he managed to take hits like this and play two sports, but I'm not expecting him to be taken by the Jets because I really don't know what we'd be able to do with him.

WR Jarred Abbrederis - 6'1" 195lbs. (4th-5th rounds)

This is a guy who people are talking about as having poor athleticism. His athleticism is certainly not elite, but his speed is acceptable. He ran a 4.5 40 yard dash and placed between 7-15 for most of the other drills. Not impressive, but not a deal breaker. His lack of bulk is alarming, however, as he posted only 4 reps in the bench press. That said, most NFL conditioning programs can add bulk to players and at 6'1" it is quite possible to do this. The real thing about Abbrederis is his football IQ and route running. As a former QB, this guy knows routes and has a football IQ much higher than the average wideout. In recent years, several QB-turned-WRs have entered the league, and it's been a pretty mixed bag. Abbrederis reminds me of Julian Edelman, but a much better prospect. At 6'1" and with 2 years of leading his team in receiving, Abbrederis is way ahead of where Edelman was as a prospect coming out. He also has the capacity to be more dominant by adding size to his frame. His double move and quick twitch motion is excellent, however, and his excellent route running makes him an already very polished prospect. This is the type of wide receiver every QB absolutely loves. Perfect routes, high intelligence, soft hands. He will move the chains. He just always seems to be open and he will make the catch. He has shown he can dominate against quality man coverage (Denver's first round pick Bradley Roby looked like a joke giving up 200+ yards shadowing him.) He is not going to be a game changing #1 receiver, but he is a SOLID addition to any receiving core, and I would be happy to have him even early in the 4th. You can check out some of his highlights here, but don't expect anything flashy. He's not going to blow you away.

WR Martavis Bryant - 6'4" 215lbs. (4th-6th rounds)

This guy has some really, really impressive measureables. I have to say, and apparently CBS sports agrees with me, he reminds me a lot of Stephen Hill. His straight line speed is really impressive, clocking a 4.42 40 time. He is a tower at 6'4", but he lacks muscle mass at 215lbs. The knocks on him include limited route trees, lapses in concentration, and a recurring case of the dropsies. Somehow, despite his fast 40 time, he posted a miserable cone drill at 7.18. His short area quickness is nothing compared to his straight line speed.This is a project pick for whoever takes him. There is a lot of bust potential here, which is probably why he didn't go in the first 2 days despite a lot of speculation. Honestly, I think he has a better chance of success than Stephen Hill. He has more experience as a receiver, less risk of injury, and better production. Still, it is hard to imagine he will reach his full potential even with great coaching, and we already have a project in Stephen Hill who hasn't worked out. I wouldn't risk taking him before the 6th round, where we have plenty of picks and low expectations. You can check out his highlights here, but it isn't not overwhelming. His production was never jaw-dropping, or he wouldn't be on the board now.

RB Lache Seastrunk - 5'10" 201lbs. (4th-5th rounds)

This guy is electrifying. Despite posting a slower 40 than Dri Archer, I actually think he will be a more explosive player than Archer in the NFL for a variety of reasons. Dri Archer lacks Seastrunk's size and physicality, and Seastrunk frankly just has moves. He reminds me a lot of Lesean McCoy in how he can make defenders just look pedestrian. This is a guy with superstar potential. The question is how he would fit into our offense. We already have a full stable of running backs and he doesn't really translate to a receiver in my mind. Ideally, I would love the Jets to take Seastrunk and let him develop behind CJ#K and Ivory and eventually replace Johnson when his contract expires or if he fails to produce. Seastrunk will be excellent catching in the West Coast system, and would be an excellent complement to Ivory. The biggest knock on him is his tendency to run east-west and lose yards rather than taking the yards given to him. If you watch enough of his game tape, you notice how boom or bust he can be. He also has games where he doesn't show up, especially against top talent. I think this is not a problem if you have someone like Ivory on the team to complement him. I would love to see the Jets take him with their a 4th round pick, but because of our current roster, it is hard to see Idzik adding him to an already full stable of backs. I recommend checking out the his highlights though, as they can really blow you away at times.

RB De'Anthony Thomas - 5'9" 174lbs (5th-6th rounds)

DAT may be the most explosive player in the draft this year. Honestly, if I could choose now between Tavon Austin or DAT, I would probably select DAT. They are often compared and I think DAT compares favorably. The question has to be where to put him. Despite his experience as a running back, he is much too small to play the position in the NFL the way he did at Oregon. Honestly, his straight line speed and burst are not problems for me. Some people have concerns about them, but you can just watch the tape and see he is a lightning bolt. In the NFL, however, he would most likely have to play the slot receiver position, and his durability would be questionable. As a returner, he would also be an injury risk. He played running back in college and has a very limited route tree and does not have exceptional hands. He is short and only posted a 32" vertical, so he will not be able to get up and contest balls and will have a limited catch radius. This is one of those What Do You Do With Him guys. He is an exceptional talent and I'd be happy to throw a late pick at him and see if he can contribute in the return game as well as develop into a potential contributor as a 3rd string RB/slot receiver, but it is really hard to say where he would fit in the NFL. I'd be happy to add a talent like his in the 6th round, though. Much more explosive than anyone else you will find in day 3 this year. Take a look at what he's done and decide for yourself.

CB Pierre Desir - 6'1" 198lbs. (4th round)

I really don't see someone like Desir going after the 4th round. There is just too much production and too much potential here. This guy has impressive size, length, speed. He performed well in just about every field of testing. Yes, he comes from a school that plays against pretty poor talent, but still: 25 interceptions. That is unreal production. He has the potential to become a real star corner if he can refine his fundamentals and has the kind of measureables that would make any DB coach drool. I think sitting on the sidelines for a year and soaking up everything he can would really serve him well and allow him to develop into a solid #2 or even #1 quality CB in the future. Take this how you may, but he had his first daughter when he was only 16 years old. He has proven to be a quality character prospect, however, and seems to always put his family first. He is already extremely mature for a incoming rookie, and I think he could develop very quickly. I think he is easily worth a 4th round pick, and should be considered every time we pick if he is on the board. When you watch these highlights, his athleticism stands out so much you wonder if he's actually playing in Division II or if it's really Pop Warner.

WR Brandon Coleman - 6'6" 215lbs. (5th-6th rounds)

I doubt we see Coleman coming off the boards in the 4th, despite some of the hype. He really doesn't have that much production and he has some serious flaws in his game. From what I've seen of his tape, the biggest thing he has going on is...well, being the biggest. He has some serious size and his straight line speed is good, but he really doesn't play as big as he is. He reminds me a lot of Braylon Edwards during his Jets tenure. Ironically, probably the best play of his college career came in the form of an 85 yard touchdown reception in which he broke a weak tackle attempt by our first round pick, Calvin Pryor. When you see that, you REALLY like what you see. He has amazing straight line speed for someone his size and he brushed off the attempted tackle like nothing happened. He doesn't have any character concerns and I think he plays with some passion, and as a team captain, you have to think this plays in his favor. Again, he's in a similar boat with Martavis Bryant. He's huge and has great straight line speed, but otherwise he hasn't proven much. And again, similar to Stephen Hill. I think Coleman was hurt by poor quarterback play, however, and is an intriguing prospect. If we can get him with one of our 6th round picks I'd be all for it, as I think he could develop into a decent red zone threat and a player than anyone we currently have pegged as a #2 receiver, anyway.

SS Tre Boston - 6'0" 204lbs. (6th-7th rounds)

Even though we have a plethora of safeties at this point, I have to add Boston to the mix of remaining talent because I believe this kid can develop into a quality player. I don't see the Jets picking him, but he has some really impressive moments. David Wyatt did a great write up on him here, and I really liked what I saw in him myself. The guy is a ball hawk. I know we already have a ton of safeties, but I would really like to see this guy with one of our comp 6th rounders or our 7th rounder. This guy is a real ballhawk and I think he could become a good player. In a few years we could run a 3 safety system with Pryor, Allen, and Boston which would really excel in hard hits and creating turnovers. He's got great measureables as well, and I think if we give him 1 or 2 years to develop, we could get some real value here in the late 6th or 7th round.

OLB Telvin Smith - 6'3" 218lbs (5th-6th rounds)

Judging by his measureables, you wouldn't expect him to be an OLB. There is a ton to like about Smith; he plays with a ton of passion and is an excellent leader, he has solid production, and he is incredibly fast. But there is also a giant red flag; he's a 218lb OLB. Telvin Smith DESPERATELY needs to add some bulk to his frame to have a chance to be anything more than a special teams and/or pass rush specialist in the NFL. I think a player like this can benefit a lot from an NFL conditioning program. If he adds bulk, he has a shot at being a OLB with excellent sideline to sideline range. He could also consider transitioning to the safety position ala Cam Chancellor, but I'm not sure he has the raw athleticism, cover skills, and ability to deliver punishing hits that would be required. Overall, I see him as a development project. A good football player with great passion and leadership who can be given an opportunity at a variety of positions and at the very worst, is a decent camp body and a solid special teams player. His return touchdown towards the end of this highlight is actually quite impressive. I'd take a late 6th or 7th round flier on him, but I suspect he'll be picked up before then.

OLB Christian Jones - 6'4" 235lbs. (6th-7th rounds)

Here's another player who will probably get picked up earlier than I have him slotted. I wouldn't take him before the 7th, because his tape is pretty much meh. Even his highlights are meh. I added him to the list because we really have a need at OLB and Christian Jones is a versatile player with great athleticism, he just simply doesn't appear to play up to his potential. He could develop into something better, but I see a camp body and/or special teams player here at best. Just don't see it, but I've been wrong before. I think he's got the athleticism, but he doesn't have the drive or the instincts. Only time will tell.

ILB Preston Brown - 6'1" 251lbs. (5th-6th rounds)

He's a solid ILB and has uncanny production year in and year out. With just over 3 seasons of play, he totaled a whopping 300+ tackles, 20+ TFL, 7 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and an interception. You can see his highlights here, but honestly it is mostly just solid ILB play. A solid tackler and a good run stuffer with decent athleticism and nice speed. His instincts are great and he is okay in space for an OLB, though he does not recover well. I think he's a player from a solid organization who can contribute in a year or 2 and possible take over for Harris when we, in all likelyhood, release him after next year. He's projected a little higher, but I think he'll be around in the early 6th round because teams don't seem to value ILB as much as they used to unless they are monsters like Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman. Brown is obviously not in their league and can look a little lost in coverage, but I think he would make for a serviceable ILB.

OT Antonio "Tiny" Richardson - 6'6" 336lbs. (4th round)

I wanted to list him as 6'forever and a metric ton. This is the biggest man in the building in whichever building he's in. He was credited with being one of the only OL to hold his own against the #1 pick in the draft, Jadaveon Clowney in the 2012 season. In 2013, he didn't fare quite as well, but watching his game tape, I think he played reasonably well considering the talent he was up against. I couldn't find any short videos to link here, but there is a lot of his game tape available to the public. Despite being listed as an OT, I think he has to be moved to the Guard position. His athleticism is good and his technique isn't bad, but he struggles a bit at times in pass protection. He has the size and strength (36 reps on the bench) to be a devastating run blocker at the Guard position. He could probably play RT at a high level as well, but I'm not sure I would trust him as my blind side protector. He still needs a lot of work in his footwork and especially his use of hands. The biggest knock against him in my mind is his sometimes sluggish, almost lazy demeanor. He doesn't finish. I think with the right motivation, he could be an absolute beast, but he needs to be put into a situation where he can succeed. While I would prefer Yankey over Richardson, I think Tiny would also have the potential to be a quick contributor to our offensive line. I highly doubt he slips past the middle of the 4th round and I would have no problem with taking him there.

ILB Jackson Jeffcoat - 6'3" 247lbs. (4th-5th rounds)

This is a guy I really want. I think he's overlooked because he had a pectoral injury in 2012, but he really bounced back in 2013 with 79 tackles, 13 sacks, a FF and an INT from the DE position. I think this guy could bring a lot as a pass rush specialist and could become a solid rush linebacker. He posted near the top in almost every category in the combine with exception measureables and he is a punishing tackler, as shown in his highlight reel. He has a solid NFL bloodline, though I don't really put much stock into that type of thing. I think his sack production speaks for itself, if he hadn't gotten injured, I think he would easily have tallied 25 sacks in just his final 2 years. I think this guy is a great value if we can get him in the 5th round and I'd like to see him become a Jet.

CB Bashaud Breeland - 5'11" 197. (4th-5th rounds)

This is an interesting prospect. This player has the kind of cover skills that make you think of someone like Revis and Sherman. He played mostly off-man coverage and could have the potential to be a shutdown corner in the NFL. He added some quality interceptions here and here, which also really impressed: They weren't freebies. However, he has some concerns. His overly physical play can draw a lot of flags and he was ejected from a game for a helmet to helmet hit. He only has one real year as a starter because an injury sidelined his 2012 season. He has already had a groin surgery and some worry he could be injury prone. He lacks top end speed and some worry about his athleticism, though I think he is a pretty smooth athlete despite his lack of speed. Breeland has some serious potential. Depending on who else we draft, he could easily be worthy of our last 4th rounder or the 5th round selection.

OT Seantrel Henderson - 6'7" 331lbs. (5th-6th rounds)

This is a name you might have heard thrown about. He is a really difficult player to evaluate because he has everything you want from a physical standpoint, but his production just isn't there. His effort seems lacking and his weight room strength is apparently unimpressive. This is the kind of guy I would avoid because I don't think he wants to be an NFL star, but in terms of potential, he's got tons. Because he literally weighs tons, just look at him. I can see him coming off the boards anywhere between the 5th and 6th round, but I don't know if I would touch him. For all that potential, I just don't see the fire burning to be the best. Maybe as a 7th round flier if there was nothing else intriguing left.

WR Jeff Janis - 6'3" 219lbs. (5th-7th rounds)

Here is another wide receiver with a lot of question marks, but also a lot of potential. You may not have heard of Janis because he is a Division II player, so I've included a link to the NFL draft report which has some background information on him, as well as a link to an excellent piece done on him by our own Smackdad. Basically, this is a player who has shown some inconsistency in his catching and has played against inferior talent, but you can't teach measureables. Janis boasts 6'3" size, 4.42 speed, 20 reps (tied for 4th best for WR), a 6.64 cone drill (just .01s away from second place for all WRs), and solid measureables in every other field. The only measureable that doesn't go his way is also one that is often very important for NFL caliber wideouts: hand size. He only has 9" hands, which is surprisingly small for a 6'3" player. Still, his measureables are enough to make you drool and his production is incredible, albeit from a Division II level. I'd like to see this pick made in the mid to late 6th round. He has the passion, he has production, he has measureables. Now he just needs a shot

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