The Mock You've All Been Waiting For!

So I just did this simulation on and this is what I came up with. Tell me this wouldn't satisfy your draft needs. I traded down in RD1 with CLE (26) and got an extra third (7). Then traded down RD2 with CINN (23) and also got an extra third (24).

Round 1 Pick 26 (CLE): Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State (A)

Round 2 Pick 23 (CINN): Dee Ford, DE, Auburn (A)

Round 3 Pick 7 (CLE): Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington (A)

Round 3 Pick 16: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt (A-)

Round 3 Pick 24 (CINN): Ed Reynolds, FS, Stanford (A)

Round 4 Pick 4: Keith McGill, CB, Utah (A)

Round 4 Pick 15: Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor (A)

Round 4 Pick 37 (COMP): Anthony Steen, OG, Alabama (A)

Round 5 Pick 14: A.J. McCarron, QB, Alabama (A)

Round 6 Pick 19: Vinnie Sunseri, SS, Alabama (A-)

Round 6 Pick 33 (COMP): Khairi Fortt, OLB, California (A)

Round 6 Pick 34 (COMP): Dri Archer, WR, Kent State (A-)

Round 6 Pick 37 (COMP): Kadeem Edwards, OG, Tennessee State (B)

Round 7 Pick 18: Andrew Jackson, ILB, Western Kentucky (C+)

Imagine for a second a 5 receiver set with Decker, Cooks, Kerley, Matthews, and ASJ. That is an amazing combination of speed/size/reliability. Matthews has the potential to be a #1, with Cooks being a dynamic compliment to our offense if not a #1 himself. As far as ASJ, there's a reason he has more touchdowns than his competitors in this years TE crop. He's a huge target with a nose for end zone. That's something we desperately need in the red zone. Imagine the possibilities with those targets. Also, coming from a championship team, Steen will compete with Winters for the starting job on the line.

Then on defense, just picture Dee Ford opposite of Wilkerson. I can hear the angels hymning now as Brady is looking up at heavens from the flat of his back. Can you say, nightmare for opposing offenses? Ed Reynolds is the ball hawking safety we need that could easily win a starting job and Keith McGill is a Cromartie Clone. He will probably be the best option opposite of Milliner. Someone just did a fan post on Sunseri being a late round gem. I agree. He got overshadowed but Dix but by no means is he a slouch. He's definitely underrated.

And if we're taking a QB late in the draft to compete with Simms and be a backup, why not the guy who's won championships and is probably the most NFL ready QB coming out this year. He's gonna sit behind Vick or Geno for at least a year. After that, with his experience and mentality, if he's called upon to start he'll be prepared and probably better than any other late round QB prospect. And don't be surprised of Archer beats out Ford for the PR/KR job. The kid is electric with the ball in his hand and is faster than fast.

If you ask me, this simulation is the best of both worlds. It covers A LOT of bases. I could see 6 or 7 of these guys not just seeing significant time, but being very nice contributors or even studs in year one. That's way better than average. Tell me you wouldn't be happy this draft. I dare you.

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