Odell Beckoning?

"J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets" was the cry Stephen Hill made to Radio City Music Hall on the second day of the 2012 NFL Draft. This was the last time the Jets dived into the rookie receiver market. We all know how this venture ended. There are those who still hope, rather than believe that Hill can produce, but at this point it seems unlikely. The past failures cannot preclude the Jets from going receiver again this year. To me, Odell Beckham Jr is the perfect fit and player for the New York Jets.

The Jets under Rex Ryan have had a perennially tedious offense. This offseason they have made some moves which show a desire to change that. Chris Ivory ran well last year, he just has to stay healthy. I have spoken before about the possibility of adding Chris Johnson. Now that Johnson is a free agent fans will be hoping Idzik can get CJ2K on board. This would create a formidable backfield tandem.

The Jets resigned Jeff Cumberland, who can hopefully take the next step. I like the addition of Eric Decker too. I had previously shown concern about signing Decker in an earlier article. With that said Geno Smith needs help and a lot of it. The Decker move is good IF combined with a receiver to compliment him.

This man in my mind is Beckham Jr. He is fast and although only 5'11" he plays like he is 6'2" or 6'3". He has unbelievable hands. I have seen very few drops on his behalf. He is aggressive both before and after the catch. Beckham is a dynamic playmaker with great YAC abilities. He even comes with the added bonus of value in the return game.

First off the hands he possesses are exceptionally natural, very rarely letting the ball get into his body. Beckham attacks the ball, always aiming to catch it at it's highest point. This is a regular occurrence when reviewing his tape. Recently on he compared his leaping ability to that of the Detroit Lion's Calvin Johnson. Obviously, he fails to possess either the natural talent or height of Megatron however; the way he fights for the ball in the air does remind many of that taller style of receiver.

This desire to make big plays is not just limited to passes with air under them. Beckham is most lethal with the ball in his hands. YAC yards are his forte, he makes guys miss regularly. On occasion Beckham was even being fed the ball in the backfield last season for LSU. Beckham often takes short passes and turns them into large gains. This is the very definition of a successful player within the West Coast system. Marty Mornhinweg would certainly benefit from having this guy in the fold.

His route running ability cannot be overlooked either. On a regular basis against Ole Miss and UAB Beckham manages to set up the cornerbacks with double moves and quick hitches. This ability is constantly demonstrated throughout his games last season. He runs routes as well as anyone in this year's draft.

Only recently has it been confirmed that Beckham is coming in for a visit. This surely was inevitable given the Jets need and Beckham's play making ability. There will be some who need convincing of Beckham's legitimacy in the first round. Well for that I say turn on the Mississippi state tape. The first play shows his leaping ability and his play only improves from there.

With the 18th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the New York Jets Select...Odell Beckham Jr, Wide Receiver LSU. Has a ring to it right?

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