OJF's first ever Mock Mock Draft

So I decided to do a true Mock Mock Draft (and no, it isn’t an accident that I doubled that word). On the one hand, I really enjoy reading mock drafts because I never watch any college football. Okay, maybe never is too strong of a word, perhaps it’s just rarely. So reading mock drafts gives me information on a variety of players that I know nothing about. Having said that, they also are also hysterical to read from this perspective as the arguing over who is better and the rationale for why can be very comical at times and the opinions so strong. I was trying to think of a way to explain this to someone and I came up with a pretty good analogy. So without further ado, here is what a mock draft conversations sound like to me – except instead of players, we are going to do a mock on colors.

Poster A: If the Jets don’t go with Blue this year I’m going to scream.

Poster B: Blue??? How can you possibly want Blue? We are the Jets and we have to go Green!!!

Poster A: Green will never be available when we pick and we need Blue. Blue is versatile, and is a cornerstone of any wardrobe.

Poster C: You’re both crazy! This team needs to draft Black. It can go with anything, it can be used for formal occasions or casual ones and it never, ever goes out of style.

Poster D: I think we need to go Red. We haven’t drafted Red in the first round in ages and it is long overdue.

Poster C: Red is so limiting and clashes with too many other colors to be worthy of a first round pick.

Poster E: What about Mauve?

Poster A: Mauve? Mauve?? That’s a late draft pick or UDFC (UnDraftedFreeColor) at best. Why in the world would you waste a 1st round pick on Mauve? You can’t build a team around Mauve.

Poster B: I've watched plenty of tape on Blue and Red during Fashion Week and they are highly over rated.

Poster C: Black is the only way to go. If we’re not going to go Black, we may as well just trade down and try and get Purple later in the round.

Poster A: Who is going to trade up when this draft is deep with colors?

Poster E: Have you guys heard anything about Brown?

Poster C: Brown? Brown? Do we want to look like a turd?

Poster D: You guys are too focused on the primary skill colors. There are plenty of great other colors that we could get and Rex knows how to use them. Burnt Umber and Sienna are solid backups and would give us great depth.

Poster F: Hey guys, long time lurker here but I’ve never posted. Has anyone considered Yellow? It may not be a starting color but it can have a huge impact and really stands out.

Poster A: Go back to lurking.

Poster B: I don’t want to look good in 2015, I want us making it to the fashion finals this year. Idzik is just too cheap to spend money on primary colors. We’ll be a team of cheap shades if he gets his way. Etc. etc. etc.

Obviously, I had some time to kill and hope at least someone got a laugh out of this.

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