Short AGOP

Current Cap Estimate $22,275,558

Player Cuts

  • Mark Sanchez - Tho I don't believe his career is over I can see him starting for another team it just won't be the Jets estimated savings 8.3 Mill
  • Santonio Holmes - Its time to part ways with the alleged trouble making receiver, tho I believe alot of it was blown up by the media its time part ways Holmes. He will catch on with a team capable of a SB run probably for cheap ending what was a disappointing run with the Jets. To think when we were arguing about who to resign him or Braylon the correct answer would of been neither estimated cap savings 8.2 mill
  • Antonio Cromartie - Weather its a restructure or a cut and the Jets sign him back I fully expect Cro not to play on his contract as is he has a 14.9mill cap hot this year with 9.5 saved if hes cut. So lets call it a restructure cro counts 9.5 this yr with 5.4 carring to next yr jets give him a little more he plays for 9.5 Mill this year 7mill next.
  • Mike Goodson - Injury and an arrest easy to cut him 1.3mill saved

Resigns - New Estimate $45,475,558

  • Folk franchised (Inclued in original over the cap estimate) Right move in my opinion
  • Austin Howard - Not anything more than mediocre but he can be a patch till we have time ti fix the RT position. Im thinking 3yrs 18mill will keep him here
  • Cumberland - Has the athleticism hopefully he can get it together and be a good #2. Ill pit him down at 2.5 mill a year(dont know if his contract has been released yet)
  • Lankster Ellis - I thought he played well and deserves his extension we have some great depth at DB(Cap Included from original OTC estimate)
  • Darren Walls - See above
  • Calvin Pace - OLB depth is terrible he knows the system has 1yr left Vets Min 1.2mill

Free Agency Cap Estimate - 36,175,558

Emanuel Sanders - Great Route Runner, Deciptive speed we probably end up overpaying but better to get a playmaker and keep him from NE 3yrs 17mill

  • Scott Chandler - The bills TE will be heading to free agency after a down year in Marrone's offense we should be interested 1yr 2mill
  • Jared Allen - I expect the Jets to make a push for DE Micheal Johnson and when the money gets too high their attention should be brought to Jared Allen. He can be reunited with his former position coach Karl Dunbar. He is the edge rusher our Defense has needed he may be getting up in age be he is still effective, especially when he has a dline to help him out. Id sign up for him to play about 70% of Defensive snaps per game he should have no trouble filling our need at DE/OlB as he will never be in coverage. 2 yrs 17 Million
  • Geoff Schwartz - Jets look to upgrade their O-line Schwartz may be the best option on the market. 4yrs 30 million.

Pre Draft Cap Estimate $12,175,558

  • 18 - the NY Jets swap picks with the Browns and receive the 26th pick in the draft and thier 3rd(I believe 68th) I am not much of a fan of trading down ill take quality over quantity any day, but in this case I'd take the extra pick. The new GM knows if he doesn't win now he can be out of a job next year he doesn't have time to wait for results, every year an estimated top 10 pick falls about here and perhaps Cleveland will look to trade up I think we should take advantage.
  • 26 - The NY Jets Draft WR Brandin Cooks Oregon State
  • Early 2nd Round Jets trade Tampa Bay's 3rd pick along with Cleveland's 3rd for an early 2nd and with that pick they select ASJ TE Washington
  • 2nd - The NY Jets Draft WR Dontae Moncrief Ole Miss
  • 3rd - The NY Jets Draft LB Yawin Smallwood UConn
  • 4th - The NY Jets Draft RB Dri Archer Kent State
  • 5th - The Ny Jets Draft SS Desmond Southward Wisconsin
  • BPA rest of the way

Please forgive any errors or trouble with font size just typed this out on my phone. Anyway thoughts?

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