AGOP - Adding not only solid playmakers but solid depth in thin positions

I've never dealt with cap before outside of Madden and all re-signings are according to the Salary Cap calculator's estimations. Free agent pick ups are based on similar free agents from a 2012 or last year's pay plus some.

1. Cuts and Resignings

Cut Mark Sanchez (frees $4.8M in cap)

Cut Antonio Cromartie (frees $5.4M in cap)

Cut Santonio Holmes (frees $2.5M in cap)

Resign Austin Howard to a 3 year contract (takes $733K in cap) - he's a player improving, NY should reward him and keep him around as he blooms. If by year 2 he's not a solid bet at starting RT, start looking elsewhere.

Resign Jeff Cumberland to a 3 year contract (takes $730K in cap) - stepped in when needed, stayed healthy and led the Jets in receiving yards. Made huge strides from last year once he got on the field. Like Austin Howard, the Jets should be along his side as he takes the next step in his career into potentially becoming a starting tight end. Look for a sure fire starter elsewhere to add competition. Either way you have a solid #2 who is familiar with your system for not too much cap damage

Resign Darrin Walls to a 1 year contract (takes $645K in cap) - During Milliners up and down season, Walls was able to step in and hold down a spot at corner. At very worst adds some depth at the #4 CB spot who can come in and play temporarily if Wilson or Milliner get injured

Resign Calvin Pace to a 1 year contract (takes $955K in cap) - He had a great season last year, he earned a spot as at least our depth OLB next year. Give him anothr year before he retires and go after a starter in free agency or the draft. If it doesn't work out, you have slightly less pressure with Pace coming off a great year.


Year Total Liabilities Salary Cap Cap Room
2014 $90,590,879 $134,473,437 $43,882,558
2015 $56,415,837 $140,000,000 $83,584,163
2016 $41,278,584 $150,000,000 $108,721,416
2017 $23,382,000 $160,000,000 $136,618,000

Re-Structure Antonio Cromartie Contract to a 2 year, $3M per year deal and let him earn back the money in his final contract 2 years down the road.

2. Free Agency

Sign James Jones from Green Bay Packers to play #2 WR role - Has broken out as a very reliable safe #2 wideout in Green Bay and will be cheaper than gambling on Decker being your #1. Get your good sized, consistent 6'1 target for Geno here. This would be roughly a 4 year, $20M contract

Sign Jon Asamoah from Kansas City Chiefs to take over for Willie Colon - May be at discount in free agency since he lost his job this season, still very young, strong and able to start. Upgrade over Willie Colon because of less injury liability.This would be a 4 year, $18M contract (Vasquez got 23.5 after a solid season as San Diego's lone bright spot on the line last year, $18M should be tempting for a player who was benched on his contract year in an offseason with a few nice options at guard)

Sign Jairus Byrd from Buffalo Bills to add flash that secondary has been missing. This would be a 5 year, $52M contract

Sign Josh McCown from Chicago Bears to 2 year, $4M contract to come in push, mentor and compete with Geno for the starting signal caller spot. Hopefully this will channel Geno's inner Russell Wilson, otherwise we'll have a QB who many thought could've replaced Jay Cutler

3. Draft -

Round 1 - Marquise Lee, WR, USC - Said to be the most polished and pro ready WR in the draft. Exactly what a team with a young developing QB needs. Someone experienced and ready to set foot on the field as a weapon day 1. The main debate will be Lee vs Ebron. A playmaking TE is a luxury, not a necessity. Who was the Seahawks TE last year? All a team needs is a player at the TE position that can step in and be solid and there are plenty of those around on day 2.

Round 2 - Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss - More raw receiver who is rising quickly in mocks and draft analysts boards. Has great size, speed and hands but needs to polish routes. Has potential to step in to a starting role immediately.

Round 3 (from Tampa Bay) - Jack Mewhort, OT, Ohio State - Call him your offensive line insurance policy can play both right tackle and guard and may even compete with Howard or Winters for their jobs. Adds depth where it's needed and gives the Jets a much needed utility man on the offensive line to add quality depth at both G and T and provide injury insurance. Plus, Ferguson is getting old, it's time to start developing new line talent.

Round 3 - CJ Fiederowicz, TE, Iowa - A big bodied corn fed tight end who does what a TE needs to do; blocks well and can catch the pass. May be a bit more sluggish than Ebron or Jenkins, but I'm taking a TE who has no major flaws or injuries over a flashy Jenkins who has a hurt foot. However, if Jenkins did fall this far it would be a very tough decision.

Round 4 - Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington - The jets take a highly productive college workhorse with Bishop Sankey, the best running back on the board at this point to round out their stable with Ivory, Powell and the injured Goodson.

Round 5 - Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana - In round 5, I like Jordan Tripp a extremely determined high motor run stopping linebacker from the Ohio State of the FCS. Can maybe bulk up a bit to 250 but is strong, quick off his feet and would definitely prove to be an intriguing developmental pass rusher/inside guy for Rex and Co.

Round 5 (compensatory pick) - Ross Cockrell, CB, Duke - A solid player who helped Duke get to the ACC championship. Good enough to see playing time immediately in the nickel and can potentially develop to be a solid starter.

A New Look At The Jets Roster


QB - Geno Smith, Josh McCown, Matt Simms -

Got a solid nucleus of 3 QBs, 2 of which are startable in the NFL. Get the best from both and hope that it is your young rookie who takes his next step and pulls away in this competition.

RB - Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell, Bishop Sankey, Mike Goodson -

a solid stable a RBs that only really needed another body. Adding Sankey gives this group way more than that. A possible workhorse in the NFL, let's just wait and see how Mornhinweg uses him.

WR - Marquise Lee, James Jones, Donte Moncrief, Jeremy Kerley, David Nelson, Stephen Hill -

David Nelson finished the year strong and earned his extension. Kerley is an under the radar slot guy who has the slot covered and can occasionally lineup outside (as he's had to a lot in the past 2 years). Adding Marquise Lee, a guy polished and ready to step in and start day 1 as your #1 helps not only Geno but takes pressure off both Kerley and Nelson to overperform. James Jones is another proven starter who should earn the #2 WR spot if Donte Moncrief doesn't come in and push him back. Jones vs Moncrief would be an intriguing position battle for a team that was so thirsty for skill position talent just a year ago.

TE - CJ Fiederowicz, Jeff Cumberland -

CJ and Jeff Cumberland battle it out for the #1 TE role. Both can seemingly play it and give Geno a reliable big target, the loser will be one of the best #2 TEs in the league

T - D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Austin Howard, Jake Mewhort, Oday Aboushi -

Austin Howard is playing well for the Jets, let's hope he continues. To boost motivation, we added Ohio State standout left tackle, Jake Mewhort. A player seemingly also ready to start. Have him push Howard and have the loser of this position battle be a solid backup and fresh set of legs to keep the line from getting too fatigued.

G - Jon Asamoah, Brian Winters, Jake Mewhort, Will Campbell -

Adding Jon Asamoah is an upgrade from Colon in both age and durability. Bring in stand out rookie, Jake Mewhort, a left tackle that can play the right side or move into guard to back him up or push him and you got a solid O line with plenty of depth, a trait that will separate a team in playoffs

C - Nick Mangold -

Pro bowler, nuff said


DL - Muhammed Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Damon Harrison, Kenrick Ellis, Justice Cunningham -

If it aint broke, don't fix it. The Jets' defensive line flourished last year and helped a team who many thought may have the #1 pick to a 8-8 season finish. Sheldon Richardson and Mo Wilkerson should bring star power to this unit for years to come

LB - David Harris, Demario Davis, Quinton Coples, Calvin Pace, Antwan Barnes, Jordan Tripp -

A pretty good linebacking corps. You have the solid David Harris and the startable Demario Davis, Quinton Coples who are young and growing into great players. Add in veterans Pace and Barnes who if healthy are also startable players in the linebacking corps and you have a solid group, may not have that star linebacker yet, but there is literally at least one star player at every other level of this defense.

CB - Antonio Cromartie, Dee Milliner, Darrin Walls, Kyle Wilson, Ross Cockrell -

An already solid CB corps who underperformed last year in part due to lack of great safety support. With Jairus Byrd now in the mix, Cromartie and a quickly developing Dee Milliner can focus on holding their guys down. Throw in Duke standout, Ross Cockrell for depth and to push the group as a whole and we see an upgrade in the cornerback group.

S - Jairus Byrd, Dawan Landry, Antonio Allen, Josh Bush -

The safeties all the sudden have both depth and pop with the addition of Jairus Byrd which is money well spent. Jets Defense will see a rise in turnovers forced.

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