This is not a mock draft

Round 1 (18 overall): OLB Anthony Barr UCLA 6'4.75" 250lbs

He's been dropping on draft boards for his lack of strength in run defense and lack of starting experience. That said, if he falls on draft day I'd be 100% on board to take him and smile all the way home. If our draft philosophy truly is take best player available and he's sitting there at 18, we pull the trigger. He would be a co starter with Pace as a rookie mainly coming onto the field on passing downs while Pace would play running downs. He wouldn't have much pressure to produce as a rookie and he can take his first year learning the finer points of pass rushing, learning the club and swim move and getting stronger. He'd be a monster behind our DLine going forward and would provide an elite rush off the edge that the Jets have lacked since John Abraham.

Round 2 (49 overall): RG David Yankey Stanford 6'5" 315lbs

The guard from UCLA seems to be driving up draft boards after the combine but Yankey is still the better prospect. People put too much stock into physical qualities, who often go on to be great but often bust (DHB, Gholston, Stephen Hill). The tape doesn't lie, he is a beast in run blocking and almost equally as good pass blocking. He plays low and is able to engage defenders and pick up the blitz. He's a very cerebral player and offers great value here. People may complain that we haven't addressed the skill position yet which is true, but you cannot get them the ball if your QB is constantly pressured. He'd start from day one at RG and take pressure off of Mangold who seems to be regressing a bit.

Round 3 (from TB 69 overall): WR Allen Robinson Penn State 6'3" 210lbs

Another player who has seen a hit in his draft stock because he lacks elite physical qualities he showed at the combine. The film does not lie. He may not have elite speed, but he is a play maker with the ball in his hands and can run every route. He goes over the middle with confidence. His presence would allow Hill to do the only thing he can do, go deep as Robinson is more of an underneath receiver who also has the size to physically handle defensive backs. He'd come in and start and give Geno a reliable weapon that we currently lack outside the hashes. You may argue that he won't fall this far, but the same thing happened to Keenan Allen last year as well as the fact that this is one of the deepest WR classes in over a decade.

Round 3 (80 overall): OT Cryus Kouandijo Alabama 6'6" 311lbs

After a rather brutal showcasing as the combine for his lack of fluidity in fake drills, his stock has taken a bigger hit that more that I've seen in a while. His film doesn't lie. He dominates in the ground game and is above average in pass protection. If you told me we were to take his in the 3rd round 3 months ago I wouldn't believe you, but it seems as real possibility that he'll be there. Austin Howard is a nice RT, but he wants pro bowl elite RT money, which he obviously isn't worth. Even though we'll have tons of cap room, I'd rather we upgrade WR (Emmanuel Sanders), SS (TJ Ward) and CB (Verner). Kouandijo would step in and start at RT immediately which seems like a more natural position for him and if the coaching staff deems him worthy of transiting to LT in a few years once we lose Brick, I'm on board. He presents too much value to pass, best player available.

Round 4 (111 overall): CB Loucheiz Purifoy Florida 6'0" 192lbs

Built similarly to Dee Milliner, he offers good size at the position and could learn the finer points of CB for a year behind Cro or whoever is playing opposite Dee. He offers real good value and could play in nickel and dime situations and offer a good back should someone sustain an injury. He excels at press coverage, fitting to our scheme, making him an even more interesting prospect.

Round 5 (142 overall): RB Dri Archer Kent State 5'8" 175lbs

Gives a home run threat out of the backfield that we've lacked since Leon Washington. He can take a screen or dump off for a long gain, giving Geno a security outlet other than his legs, which also can help him to avoid injury. He is the most ideal 3rd down back in this draft, reminding me a bit of Darren Sprolles or Danny Woodhead.

Round 6 (177 overall): QB Logan Thomas Virginia Tech 6'6" 260lbs

Hear me out. He physically is built similar to Cam Newton but maybe even faster. I'd be 100% on board with selecting him and converting him to TE. He has the perfect size and athleticism to dominate LBs down the seem and strong enough to out muscle defensive backs. Lofty comparison, but I think he can be as good as a Vernon Davis or Greg Olson. Unlikely to happen, but it's worth taking a shot on a late round draft pick who could become an all pro at an alternate position.

Round 7 (224 overall): TE Colt Lylera Oregon 6'4" 248lbs

Simply taking a flyer on a high risk player who presents first round talent. The panthers made the same gamble on Greg Hardy and that seemed to work out rather nicely. Hopefully we can replicate that risk. If he acts up at any point or becomes a headache, he's cut. That simple. The Bengals took a chance on Burfict who went undrafted who as become one of the best LBs in the league.

All comments are welcome, positive or negative. Tell me what you think

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