AGOP: The plan for 2014 AFC East Champion New York Jets

NYJ AGOP Offseason

In House Moves:



· Antonio Cromartie

· Mark Sanchez

· Santonio Holmes

The Rest

· David Harris: Based on what I am seeing there is a lot of Inside Line Backer depth in this draft, I am ready to move on here

· Mike Goodson: Same as above way too much RB/Scat Back depth to stick with this guy

· Dawan Landry: Safety must be addressed in FA there are enough young guys on the roster to give a shot at the back up job

· Jermaine Cunningham: Can be replaced with a cheaper/more upside player

· Alex Green: I plan on revamping our RB situation there will be no room for Green when I am done

· David Nelson: See Green above expect with WR’s

· Clyde Gates

· Greg Salas: Could not get rid of these two fast enough they do not belong on NFL Rosters

Current Cap Space: $57,852,724

Players on Roster: 48 including Practice Squad guys


· Nick Bellore: 1 Year Minimum

· Darrin Walls: 1 Year Minimum

· Leger Douzable 1 year 1m

Austin Howard is the only non-resign that I feel requires an explanation, I felt comfortable with Howard at 4m a year max, now that contract talks have gone to 6-7m I feel there are better Offensive Lineman out there that can replace Howard.

Current Cap Space: $ 55,562,724

Players on Roster: 51 including Practice Squad guys

Won’t effect this year’s cap but I am picking up Muhammad Wilkerson’s 5th year option

Free Agency:

· Zack Strief: The best RT on the market right now, based off of last year’s numbers he will be a Jet for 4 Years 24m with 10 guaranteed. First year cap hit 5m.

· Jon Asamoah: A good young RG who seems to have at least partially fallen out of favor in Kansas City, and is therefore ripe for the picking. 4 Years 14m 6m guarantee, and 3m first year cap hit.

· Andre Roberts: Gotta give props to Smackdad on this one I didn’t even realize this guy was a free agent before his post. Love this guy, and I am going to enjoy watching him and Geno grow together. 5 years 20m, 8 guaranteed, and first year cap hit of 3m.

· Jason Worilds: for 5 years we have been clamoring for talents off the edge, unfortunately I don’t see what we want dropping to us in the draft so I make our first of three big splurges by locking up Worilds. 5 years 45m, with 20 guaranteed. First year cap hit of 15m, since I need to be sure the Steelers won’t match the offer.

· Jarius Byrd: I think this guy is another can’t miss player in this class, and we have the money to throw around to get what we need to be a contender. 5 years 45m, 18 guaranteed, with a 6m first year cap hit once again cuttable after 3 years when his Cap hit will be 12m, with 3.5m in dead money.

· Chad Henne: I know this isn’t the sexiest name I could put here for back-up QB, but I really don’t want Vick, and McCown I think is going to get overpaid based on his great half season. I will give Henne 2 years 5m, 1m signing bonus 2m cap hit in year one.

· Alterraun Verner: Instead of using the Cromartie money to bring him back, I am going to get a young Elite Corner to play opposite Milliner for the next 4/5 years. Using the recent Brent Grimes contract as a guide 5 years 40m with 15 guaranteed, and 6m first year cap hit.

· Jerome Simpson: I am going to give Jerome a chance 2 years 5m this is a slight raise from what he made last year, but with his 3 game suspension his value is not as high as it could be right now. 1.5m guaranteed most in the first year cap hit of 2.5m

· Brandon Spikes: Another steal from a division rival I think Spikes can be had on the cheap ILB isn’t the most expensive position, and with how he ended with the Patriots last year I can’t see him costing that much. 3 year 8m 3m guaranteed first year cap hit 2m

Remaining Cap Space


This is less cap space than I originally had, since i had Orakpo for more overall money but lower first year cap hit, but i had to revise my plan after the pair of tags yesterday and that is why Worilds is making so much year 1.

2014 NFL Draft (using CBS Player Ranking I did not choose anyone more than 5 spots higher than our selection)


· Trade 18th overall and our 4th round pick to Carolina for 28th overall, and 60th overall using the 28th pick to select Jace Amaro, with letting Winslow, and Cumberland go we needed a TE, and Amaro is going to be a beast and because he is rated slightly lower than Ebron we can grab him a bit later, but still needing to stay ahead of the Patriots who would be more than happy to put him opposite of Gronk.

· Trade Second Round 49th overall to Cleveland for both of their 3rd round picks, using the value chart it is almost exactly even maybe a 10 point difference I did the math pretty quick, either way in a deep draft we now have 4 picks in the 3rd round

· 60th Overall: Jarvis Landry, signing two WR’s in free agency was still not enough, and I feel we need one more splash in the draft, in order to stockpile picks in a loaded draft I traded out of a position to get Beckham, Cooks, or Benjamin, but I think Landry is a nice consolation prize and running him out with our other receivers will still be infinitely better than what we had last year.

· 67th Overall: Bishop Sankey, our rbs need some new life, and that is exactly what Sankey provides here. Mixing him with Ivory, and Powell will allow all 3 to be fresh towards the end of the season, and make Powell’s probable departure next year much easier to deal with.

· 69th Overall: Troy Niklas I went into this process knowing I needed two TE’s, and Niklas has the perfect fit he is a great blocker with pass catching ability and a great compliment to Amaro.

· 78th overall: Deone Bucannon to move forward with Idzik’s preaching of competition we are going to throw Bucannon into the SS mix to compete with Allen over there who did not impress me as much as most people.

· 81st overall: Jeremiah Attaochu: A raw player who can thrive in our system, especially since he will not have all the pressure to come in and shine immediately since he is behind a former #1 pick, and one of our star free agent signees.

· ~145th overall: I didn’t look into all of the comp picks when coming up with the last few numbers so please forgive if it should be a bit lower. David Fales: we need a young QB to kick Simms to the Curb, and hopefully Fales can do just that giving us an asset moving forward.

· 5th round comp pick: Preston Brown: I feel the one position I left in some question at this point is ILB, I would have taken Mosely in the first round but trading back for Amaro made more sense and Spikes was a better FA option than any TE out there.

Depth Chart

QB: Geno Smith, Chad Henne, David Fales, Matt Simms

RB: Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell, Bishop Sankey (interchangeable all 3 should see prominent time)

FB: Tommy Bohanon

WR: Andre Roberts, Jerome Simpson, Jeremy Kerley, Jarvis Landry, Stephen Hill, Salim Hakim

TE: Jace Amaro, Troy Nicklas, Zach Sudfeld

LT: D'brickashaw Ferguson, Ben Ijalana

LG: Brian Winters

C: Nick Mangold

RG: Jon Asamoah, Will Cambell

RT: Zach Strief, O. Aboushi

DE: Sheldon Richardson, Muhammad Wilkerson, Leger Douzable

DT: Damon Harrison, Kenrick Ellis

OLB: Quinton Coples, Brian Orakpo, Atwan Barnes, Jeremiah Attaochu

ILB: Demario Davis, Brandon Spikes, Preston Brown Nick Bellore

CB: Alterraun Verner, Dee Milliner, Kyle Wilson, Darrin Walls

SS: Antonio Allen, Deone Bucannon Josh Bush

FS: Jarius Byrd: Jaqwuan Jarrett, Rontez Miles

Overall i think this fixes our offensive line, makes us an Elite Defense, and improves our struggling receiving talent even if i didnt add a true #1 i left cap space to carry over plus an additional 12 million or so we will have after counting Wilk's option and the dead money coming off so we will be in position next year to get that last player we need to improve the offense.

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