New York Jets Tweets of the Week: Volume 32

Jeff Zelevansky

Jets Tweets

Woody Johnson talked to Roger Goodell and Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie before Jets signed QB Michael Vick. #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) March 23, 2014

helicopter hovering through the night to help the grass settle so they could practice in the morning. Cost hundreds of thousands of $.

— Scott Salmon (@ScottSalmon48) March 23, 2014

So excited to bring @DeckersDogs to NYC and NJ area!! Already coming up with ideas to introduce to the community :) @ericdecker87

— Jessie James Decker (@TheJessicaJames) March 23, 2014

That's also a picture of Brad Smith, not DeSean Jackson.

Who cares what DJax’s problems were in PHL? It’s like hating your ex, but their new girlfriend thinks they’re great. #Jets

— Deb (@LilMissNYJet) March 24, 2014

Mark Sanchez's career completion percentage is 55.1% (never higher than 56.7% in a season). That is very, very poor.

— Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) March 24, 2014

I just want to see some explosive plays at #Metlife next season. Is that too much to ask for?! #Jets

Damien Woody (@damienwoody) March 24, 2014

Worst PFF Grade on passes between 1-10 yards: Schaub, Geno Smith, Keenum, Dalton, McGloin, Pryor

— Pro Football Focus (@PFF) March 24, 2014

The SEC Network announces Greg McElroy is part of their analyst roster. They're now one Mark Sanchez away from the Jets' 2012 QB class.

— SI_DougFarrar (@SI_DougFarrar) March 24, 2014

Turns out there was a twist. #Raiders signed Austin Howard to play guard and not right tackle, & are hoping/expecting Watson starts at RT

— Vic Tafur (@VicTafur) March 24, 2014

Francesa: 'the Jets hired a mannequin to be their GM' #numbahone

— J.P. Pelzman (@JPPelzman) March 24, 2014

Just got every NFL players Performance Based Pay numbers. Demario Davis had the most on the #Jets, followed by Brian Winters & Calvin Pace.

— Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) March 24, 2014

Sanchez has been throwing & is about "80 percent" recovered from his labrum surgery. Eagles will do their own medical eval before signing

— Chris Mortensen (@mortreport) March 24, 2014

A bit of a chicken-or-the-egg complex with Mark Sanchez. Hard to tell whether he struggled because of the receivers or vice versa, or both.

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) March 24, 2014

Mark Sanchez to the Giants? Not likely. Said one team source: "Joe Namath before we sign Sanchez."

— Bob Glauber (@BobGlauber) March 25, 2014

The Jets will have 12 draft picks in May. Might be hard for Idzik to keep them all on the roster all year this time.

— J.P. Pelzman (@JPPelzman) March 25, 2014

Vick can make up to $5M in 2014. $4M is guaranteed ($2M SB, $2M P5). Play-time incentives: 50%: 100k 60%: 300k 70%: 550k 80%: 900k 90%: 1M

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) March 25, 2014

GM John Idzik wouldn't answer questions about DeSean Jackson, but said he's not philosophically opposed to having 2 big-money WRs. #nyj

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) March 25, 2014

I think @Cumberland87 will miss doing this after scoring his touchdowns next season. #Jets @JetNation

— JetNationRadio (@JetNationRadio) March 25, 2014

The Jets let Cromartie walk knowing they were in a sweet spot for CBs - their strategy pays off, as Dennard is my top CB. #TwitterMock

— Josh Liskiewitz (@JoshLiskiewitz) March 26, 2014

Said last week a couple of surprise teams were in this. Bears and Jets were two and a couple more sniffed but nothing substantial

— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) March 26, 2014

He's referring to Jared Allen.

Saints (26), Jets (28), Bears (31) and Jaguars (34) have made the fewest #NFL draft picks since 2009.

— Chris Trapasso (@ChrisTrapasso) March 26, 2014

Gerhart excels in pass game. Shonn Greene wouldve been a much more effective & valuable RB had he been able to do that. Same w/ Mark Ingram.

— Evan Silva (@evansilva) March 26, 2014

The #Jets lingered and watched Jared Allen’s situation, but never made a firm offer. They were deliberate and in contact, but on outside.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 27, 2014

Idzik and Terry Bradway were both at Indiana's Pro Day today where they met with Cody Latimer. #nyj

— Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) March 27, 2014

Cody Latimer is a WR prospect who many draft analysts feel is underrated.

I'm assuming he means they all belong in the HOF.

Rex on Tues: "Nobody's really talking about us... they're going to." John Idzik on Wed: "We're not in the business of predictions." #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) March 27, 2014

I don't have a problem with the Jets signing Vick. I do have a problem with what the future holds if he wins the competition. Too many ?'s.

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) March 27, 2014

Besides, if Geno sucks w/o Vick, everyone get fired. If Geno sucks with Vick on the roster, jobs might be saved.

— Ryan Alfieri (@Ryan_Alfieri) March 27, 2014

No surprise here, but Idzik is at Texas A&M's Pro Day this morning.

— Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) March 27, 2014

Yes RT @Rykidd34 If Manziel is there at 18 (highly unlikely), do you think Jets would consider drafting him? #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) March 28, 2014

Rob Ryan has spent last 10 minutes about empowering his players to take ownership on the field. Great stuff

— FootballScoop Staff (@footballscoop) March 28, 2014

K.I.L.L. - Keep it learnable and likable Rob Ryan

— FootballScoop Staff (@footballscoop) March 28, 2014

"Collapse the pocket and contain the QB" rules to live by when you go max pressure - Rob Ryan

— FootballScoop Staff (@footballscoop) March 28, 2014

All of those quotes were from Rob obviously, but I would guess Rex tells his players something similar.

For the record @MMehtaNYDN has never been angry w/ me in a DM. He has asked where to get a decent slice of pizza and about arm workouts tho

— Drew (@DrewfromJersey) March 28, 2014

Mark Sanchez, a backup quarterback, is holding a press conference for the Eagles. My, how things come full-circle. #Tebow

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) March 28, 2014

Philly radio isn't even covering the Sanchez presser. They are talking about how terrible the Sixers are and halter tops at Phillies games.

— Drew (@DrewfromJersey) March 28, 2014

Sanchez is golden in a suit with smiles and cute jokes. He has to be a better QB to save his career. That fan base is already against him

— Drew (@DrewfromJersey) March 28, 2014

Jets and other NFL teams will understandably be extremely wary about DeSean Jackson. Talented player, so someone will be interested

— Aaron Wilson (@RavensInsider) March 28, 2014

Do the Patriots lie on their injury reports? They listed 113 players as questionable. Rest of league: 32.2 (average)

— Scott Kacsmar (@FO_ScottKacsmar) March 28, 2014

I will say this. Idzik does have Marty and Vick to question about DeSean. Really no better people to ask than his former OC and QB

— Rob Carpenter (@robcarpenter81) March 28, 2014

Good point just brought up by @LRiddickESPN on SportsCenter.. #Jets LB Coach Bobby April III spent 2 seasons in Philly & knows DeSean well.

— Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) March 28, 2014

Jets have signed 5-7, 170-lb cornerback Jeremy Reeves, who missed last year due to pec surgery. Ran 4.29 40 at Iowa St Pro Day this wk #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) March 28, 2014

RB Maurice Jones-Drew signs with the Raiders, per @AdamSchefter. The Jets would've been interested down the road, at a lower price. #nyj

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) March 28, 2014

#Jets WR Coach Sanjay Lal was an offensive assistant at Cal in 2005 and 2006, where he coached DeSean Jackson. #nyj

— Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) March 28, 2014

Eagles are consistent in having press conferences for every player signed this offseason. No exception made for Mark Sanchez. #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) March 29, 2014

i'm over it. i believe @KristianRDyer's reporting. he's the only guy who actually speaks to execs, so if he says it's a no-go, it's a no-go

— Spider 2Y OUTRAGEOUS (@gambit1154) March 29, 2014

3. You wanted WeAPUnz for Geno - Eric fucking decker 4. You wanted a legit backup QB to challenge Geno - he got the top QB on the market

— Dr. EWhaley, MD (@EWhaley95) March 29, 2014

More surprising ..... Milliner didn't get a penalty in 600+ snaps or that he got 600+ snaps? #Jets

— Drew (@DrewfromJersey) March 29, 2014

Jets have been to 5 AFC Championship Games in franchise history. Two of them under previous GM, who wasn't afraid to take risks or fail #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) March 30, 2014

Do some of you really think anybody in our building is saying or thinking, "Let's delay winning." I can't tell you how badly we want this.

— Eric Allen (@eallenjets) March 30, 2014

Jets made predictable cuts after 2012 (Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Jason Smith, Eric Smith, etc) to clear $30M. "Cap Hell" is propaganda. #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) March 30, 2014

Jim Schwartz was just the 4th HC fired in last decade (Cable, Mangini, Schottenheimer) after improving his team's wins by 3+ from prior yr.

— Football Perspective (@fbgchase) March 30, 2014

The Jets finished the 2007 season 4-12, and improved to 9-7 in 2008 under Mangini.He still got canned after the 2008 season was over though.

Player A: 55 rec/686 yards/4TD/12.5 YPC/4 FUM Player B: 45 rec/594 yards/4TD/13.2 YPC/1 FUM

— Spider 2Y OUTRAGEOUS (@gambit1154) March 30, 2014

Random Tweets

Good hire on Greg McElory. He's the single friendliest part of the Tuscaloosa cabal that secretly controls the SEC front offices.

— Steven Godfrey (@38Godfrey) March 24, 2014

Deion Sanders is the only person to get an #MLB home run and an #NFL TD in the same week. Also only player to play in World Series and SB

— NFL Stats (@NFL_Stats) March 24, 2014

For my money OLB is one of the strongest positions in the 2014 NFL Draft. There's going to be great value, especially in the middle rounds.

— Scott Wright (@DraftCountdown) March 24, 2014

Francesa applauded the Giants for signing the hybrid pass rusher Walter Thurmond from Seattle. Glad to see Mike still has his NFL fastball

— Drew (@DrewfromJersey) March 24, 2014

#Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey said they've had conversations with TE Dustin Keller's agent. Interesting.

— James Walker (@JamesWalkerNFL) March 25, 2014

I can’t believe I didn’t know about Belichick going on a Cleveland TV cooking show in the ‘90s and making a PB&J:

— Bart Hubbuch (@HubbuchNYP) March 25, 2014

Feel for #Bills fans. With Mr Wilson passing away and Jim Kelly's cancer battle, tough times in Buffalo.

— Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) March 26, 2014

Can't block center, jump and land on players, can't overload, can't push-that's why XP not missed. NFL changed rules "safety" ruined it.

— Connie Carberg (@ConnieScouts) March 26, 2014

Here's something crazy per @PFF_NateJahnke - Evan Mathis is the oldest OG in the league currently on a roster. At just 32!

— Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam) March 26, 2014

Chip Kelly being Mark Sanchez's eventual benefactor in Philly would not have been a believable narrative on Draft Day 2009.

— Rich Eisen (@richeisen) March 27, 2014

Reading Jim Irsay's arrest report...$29,020 in cash, including 12K in two laundry bags. If it looks like a drug deal...

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) March 27, 2014

HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll: 75% of Americans believe college athletes should not be unionized

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) March 27, 2014

I propose DE3 as much a starting position as NCB and SWR. They can get an upward of 700 snaps in the right system.

— Rich Hill (@PP_Rich_Hill) March 27, 2014

"I had DeSean as a late rounder in my 2008 mock Draft bc of character issues." - some asshat here in a minute.

— Ames, John (@realjohnames) March 28, 2014

Desean being around young players wasn't a "problem" last year when his dead money hit would have been astronomical. Weird.

— Spider 2Y OUTRAGEOUS (@gambit1154) March 28, 2014

If this were about Jackson’s contract, the Eagles would have cut him two weeks ago.

— Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) March 28, 2014

If only DeSean Jackson had dropped a racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert, then he would have gotten a contract extension.

— Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) March 28, 2014

Yrs ago under Andy Reid, @DeseanJackson10 stopped, st police source told me he had drugs and guns in car. possible felony charges dropped

— Howard Eskin (@howardeskin) March 28, 2014

If I got fired from my job because one of my friends was involved in a murder, I would be pretty mad about that

— Mike Donnelly (@TheMikeDonnelly) March 28, 2014

Text from person not financially connected to DJax: "Known DeSean since he was born. Over 25 years DeSean is NOT affiliated w any La gangs."

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 28, 2014

Have the Crips released a statement yet?

— Michelle Beadle (@MichelleDBeadle) March 28, 2014

Nuts RT @Nick_Underhill: Tough time to be an RB. There are 16 kickers and 11 punters who have a higher average annual value than Blount.

— Michael Giardi (@MikeGiardi) March 28, 2014

Ever since Chris Culliver commented on gays, he has lost a Super Bowl, tore his ACL and now a felony hit and run.

— Scott Kacsmar (@FO_ScottKacsmar) March 29, 2014

If you're drooling over DeSean right now, remember how badly you wanted him when he was coming off a 700-yd season last year.

— Pete Damilatis (@PFF_Pete) March 29, 2014

See, now Chris Culliver faces a intereting legal dilema,, does he take he hit & run charge or does he man up and marry the guy he rearended?

— PFTCommenter (@PFTCommenter) March 29, 2014

In 1985, Notre Dame coach Digger Phelps thought he should be able to pay his players $10K each

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) March 29, 2014

Exactly cap number is meaningless IMO @Bravesoul79: saints only had 3 in cap space when signed byrd. Cap can always be manipulated"

— John Middlekauff (@JohnMiddlekauff) March 29, 2014

This being in reference to college pro days.

While #Redskins get the 1st visit with DeSean Jackson & #Raiders do research, don’t rule out #Bills as a serious suitor. They are in contact

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 30, 2014

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