Eric Ebron: The Big Softy

Eric Ebron vs Duke (2013) (via DCheeseB)

6-4, 250, 4.6

2013: 62 for 973 and 3 TDs

You know who this guy reminds me of? Dustin Keller. No question, his athleticism jumps off the screen. You watch him move around and you can't see how anyone can stop him. Then he takes a shot and, just like Dustin, he disappears. Ebron is a big wuss. This guy continuously taps out over the most minimal of contact. There's an unspoken rule in football that if you're a TE or FB, you don't run out of bounds and you don't avoid DBs. And I can't say I've seen this softy lower the boom on a DB even once. I've seen him take to the air in the face of a collision with a DB a few times, though. Gotta watch out for those big skawee DBs, Eric. And for all this guys talent and athleticism, dude only finds the EZ three times? In college? Seriously? How can a dude this big, and this athletic, only have 3 touchdowns on the season? Thats not a typo. That's three. Tres. 3. Thats it. No more than that. He's a wuss.

If I'm gonna stick a big receiver in the slot and call him a TE, it might as well be Kelvin Benjamin. Benjamin probably couldn't block a lick if you put him in-line, but neither can the Big softy. At least Benjamin will produce. Dude had more yards on less catches and 5x as many TDs. Hence, not a softy.

Here's Benjamin against the same opponent a week after Ebron faced them (so same time of year and playing at the same level). Ebron had no TDs, Benjamin had 2 (one on a corner EZ fade route where he snatched it away from two DBs, another where he shrugged off a dude and took a stroll into the heartland).

Kelvin Benjamin vs Duke (2013) (via Adrian Ahufinger)

6-5, 240, 4.6

2013: 54 for 1011, 15 TDs

I mean, why not? If the guy is gonna operate from the slot anyway, might as well be a real threat rather than just look the part. Might as well be a dude that actually shrugs off a DB, rather than just lookin like he should. And Benjamin will at least move dudes around when he latches onto them. Saw him move a guy 5 yards out of bounds on a sideline screen. Saw him get a guy to the ground on another. Saw him move a dude 10 yards out of the play on another. Not saying he's some extraordinary blocker or anything. He still blocks like a receiver, and not like a TE. But the Big Softy don't block like a TE should neither. And the Big Softy damn-sure ain't catching no touchdowns. If the dude can't do it in college, he sure as heck ain't gonna do it in the pros. And if there's one thing that Kelvin has no problem at all with, it's catching TDs. Kelvin Benjamin ain't no softy.

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