Mock Draft (not the usual suspects)

sadly with so many shining at the combine or simply having their potential realized by the world, I don't think ebron or a top wr will be available at 18 (although walterfootball has confirmed rumors of the jets loving cooks, and i'd be happy with that). So this is what I think will happen this may.

Round 1

Haha- Clinton Dix FS: the great cover safety to play centerfield in rex ryan's defense is truly here. I mean when was the last time we had actual ballhawk? Rex certainly never had one. We finally get one here for the long term at the free safety. Immediate starter
MO, ebron, the top 3 wr's, and all the top linebackers will be gone. This is the best player available.

Round 2

Allen Robinson WR: Some wr's fell a lot with the rise of Beckham and Cooks. Sure he looked slow at the combine but he is going to succeed in the NFL. This guy could start right away.

Round 3 A

Troy Nikolas TE: we get a good value TE here. He can certainly block in our ground and pound and would be effective in the red zone. I think he will only develop into a better pass catcher as he gains more experience through his first couple of years. I really don't like Cumberland as our main TE and honestly, with his durability, we should not pay him much or for too long this offseason. That is if we sign him at all.

Round 3 B

Jarvis Landry WR: several mock drafts have him falling beyond this spot. I think I saw one today where he fell into the 4th round. I think he should be valued higher but this is the reach I will make. I'll go out on a limb and say he makes it to this spot. We have Robinson, Landry, Kerley, and Nelson. Those are our wrs for this year and to continue developing. Doesn't sound bad to me.

Round 4

Aaron Colvin: Rex gets a tough gritty football player who is great at press coverage. He may be a little small, but this guy is a football player at heart. He was a leader on his team and I think he could fit right in as a corner coming in on nickel or dime packages and take over after kyle wilson.

Round 5

AC Leonard TE: He played against small schools but he does have the ability to do well. He can catch and block. Him and Nikolas can be our starters this year and for the next 5 years. Again it sounds good enough to me and these guys could be more than capable of giving out qb some help blocking and catching.

Round 6

JC Copeland FB: Honestly this pick should be the bpa. it is hard for me to tell what the jets think but I think this guy is a good fb. At 281 pounds, the rb will smile when he sees the size of the whole this guy has opened for him. Im going to say he is the bpa and would be an upgrade to Bohannon.

Round 7

Deanthony Thomas RB: after this combine and season at Oregon, I bet he's finally falls there as everyone on here hoped over xmas.

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