Say we do sign Desean... Who ya drafting?

Desean Jackson is an explosive weapon that can be utilized in a lot of ways. He can blow off the top of any defense from the inside or the outside. He can turn a 7 yard crossing route into a touchdown from anywhere on the green grid. No matter where the man goes on the field, he raises pulses. This is a known fact accepted by all. If we nabbed him, he would transform our receiving game. With a group headlined by Jackson, Decker, and Kerley, I think that would be a pretty formidable. And it's not out of the question for the still young Stephen Hill to settle in and have the opportunity to make some plays with all the attention being focused elsewhere. In my opinion, if we signed Jackson, I think the WR position would be strong enough and young enough to make addressing the position in this draft viable only in the instance that the talent that presents itself is too good to pass up (a la Sheldon Richardson). So if WR becomes out of the question, what position becomes in the question? What player would you then target?

I think offensive tackle is one of the deepest positions in the draft this year, and a good spot to look at first. There's a very real chance a bona fide blue chipper falls in our laps at #18. A guy like Taylor Lewan, out of Michigan, for example. He's a guy that would be perfect to park at RT for a bit until he's ready to slide in for Brick on the left side.

We could always look to get an impact player like Jace Amaro, the TE out of Texas Tech. He's a big, physical,yet athletic presence that could provide a nice target in the middle of the field to move the chains and work the red zone.

Wouldn't at all mind looking for some talent at FS, and there's no FS more born to play in this defense than the rangy big-hitter out of Louisville, Calvin Pryor. He used to playing behind chaotic looking fronts and filling in where he needs to. And nothing's better than having a safety that can lay wood and make receivers worry about getting lit up.

Of course, landing a legit pass rusher would be nice. Whether that means getting aggressive and trading up for Clowney or Mack, or sitting at 18 and making a play for a guy like Ealy out of Mizzou, or Dee Ford out of Auburn, or maybe even being lucky enough to have Anthony Barr from UCLA fall in our laps.

Brandon Cooks out of Oregon St and Kelvin Benjamin out of Florida St are the only two receivers that would make me pause before moving on to another position. Cooks is just too explosive from anywhere on the field and he has such amazing ball skills that I'm not sure I could let him go. And Benjamin would be such an amazing fit within the group with Jackson added that he would be tough to pass up as well. Benjamin could be a Jimmy Graham type receiver in the slot, making plays all over the field. Too big for DBs, too athletic for LBs, and an absolute nightmare to deal with in the endzone. Plus you can kick him outside when you want to work Desean or Decker from the slot.

You could also feel free to make a run at Johnny Football if he slides within range. Too much talent and too much sizzle to let go if he gets to around #10.

What about you? Who do you got, if we nab Desean?

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