Hey Jets Fans, Lift Your Heads Up: A Battlecry!

This offseason we saw the Jets add the likes of Michael Vick, Eric Decker, and Breno Giocamini while re-signing the likes of Willie Colon, Calvin Pace, and Leger Douzable, amongst others of course. We saw the Jets cut players like Mark Sanchez, Antonio Cromartie, and Santonio Holmes, and "whiff" at free agents like DRC, Austin Howard and Darrelle Revis (the term "whiff" mostly attributed to ESPN beat writer Rich Cimini).

And if you check out the comments section of any Yahoo article about the Jets, specifically one that says the team is doomed at Cornerback due to the presence of "first-round disappointment Dee Milliner and underwhelming slot corner Kyle Wilson as Rex Ryan's projected starters," you will see countless entries about how the Jets should fire Rex Ryan, fire John Idzik, draft a quarterback at 18 overall, or, you know, be doomed for eternity. It's painfully obvious these characters don't quite understand that Idzik is in his second year as general manager-its as if the Tannenbaum firing went completely over their heads. Its also painfully obvious that Mr. Silva, the writer of the above Yahoo article, not only doesn't quite understand how long it takes cornerbacks to develop in the NFL, but clearly cannot identify a good slot corner either; of course, there is also a possibility he, like several others in the peanut gallery, simply gave up on the Jets somewhere between the second and third quarter of the Baltimore game.

But perhaps I'm expecting too much here. Is an accurate depiction from people paid to write specifically about our team too much to ask for? Hell, upon Mark Sanchez's release, the terms "butt-fumble" and "Sanchize," were used more by Rich Cimini than anybody on the planet. Its like being forced to be best friends with someone who is constantly ridiculing you for a silly thing you did four years ago while drunk… "You told her your name was Moflo and then showed her your calves." And speaking of Cimini, I'm considering opening a kickstarter account to get him a job as a beat writer for a team he actually cares about.

But Cimini and Silva aren't too unfounded in their beliefs, I mean, the Jets are going on a couple years without a playoff birth…just like the Giants, Bucs, Lions, and Rams. They are "juggling" quarterbacks, however someone can juggle with two items, like the Raiders, Jaguars, Browns, and VIkings. So why root for the team you write for? Oh I don't know, maybe because they only missed the playoffs by one game. Or maybe because unlike the Bucs, Giants, Rams, Raiders, Jaguars, Browns, and Vikings, they actually had a shot to take a wildcard last year? Seriously, was there another 8-8 team out there who has received more criticism from their own beat writers over the past season?

I understand the Tebow monstrosity, the Sanchez interceptions, the Miliner late start, and the trade of Darrelle Revis all put us into a hole, but correct me if I'm wrong on the following:

1. The mastermind behind the Tebow monstrosity has been fired.
2. Sanchez not only did not play a game for us in 2013, but he was cut, and in the best possible way for the club not to lose a massive chunk of cap space
3. Corners take a while to bloom, and Milliner came on towards the end of the year, hell, Desmond Trufant doesn't catch nearly as much flack as Milliner, and Milliner has a higher ceiling.
4. Well, everyone thought Tampa would be much better with Revis than without. A new coach changed that thought process, but we still came away with Sheldon Richardson from it all, so the trade still worked out in the Jets favor.

So seriously, where is the negativity coming from? I see a rising club here. I see a smart GM who doesn't throw money at the likes of Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez so he can invest in the future. I see a GM who refused to pay DRC more money than he deserved in hopes he can replicate the two dominant years of his career for the next decade. I see a GM who signed a wide receiver who knows how to run routes, should Geno fall back into his "robotic" phase and throw to targets that haven't hit their routes correctly again. And I see more cap space than any Tannenbaum era team would have dreamed of having. So I ask again, where is the negativity coming from?

Then again, these are the same beat writers who accused the Jets of cutting ties with seasoned veterans like Bart Scott(33) and Bryan Thomas(34) while holding onto past their prime has-beens like Calvin Pace(33) and David Harris(30). The same beat writers saying the Jets would be amongst the teams in the "Clowney Sweepstakes," while being unable to recite a name like Mohammad Wilkerson: "The Raiders' final four games are against the Jets, Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos. That New York game could be a classic, the matchup that decides the Clowney sweepstakes." The same beat writers who thought the Jets could go winless, even though they would host the Raiders at home at some point in the season. Hell, Geno was a rising star when the Chiefs were predicted to take him first overall, but on the Jets he's a stubborn, immature and incomplete player who is simply "not the answer."

All that being said, I recommend all us Jets fans ignore the "experts," and embrace a team that can only get better.


a man who works in Vinny Testaverde's hometown. SEWANHAKA REPRESENT!

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