putting on 32 different GM hats, with explanations for selections; long read

1) Houston Texans- Jadeveon Clowney DE- Sorry call me crazy but I cannot explain taking one of the QBs over the possibility of teaming the currently best defensive player in the NFL with a player who has the potential to be just as great. Cushing, Watt, Clowney, and a hopefully healthy Jonathan Joseph this defense has top players at all levels of the defense. Were hoping for Carr at the top of second or even if we must trade into late first because the offensive talent is there (Andre Johnson, Arian (if healthy) a top 5 left tackle, and a developing #2 in Hopkins)

2- Saint Louis Rams- Greg Robinson OT- put down the phone Les Snead, you have enough picks already (including another 1st!) I dont care how deep this draft is, Robinson is an absolute road-grader in the run game but needs some seasoning in pass pro. Put on the tape of this kid and watch him work, baby Larry Allen is what this team needs in this bully-filled division. Watkins is tempting here but with a offensive line foundation of Jake Long, Staffold, Wells, and Robinson would move people off the ball even in that division and let the big back Stacy pound away. Now if only they could find a decent offensive coordinator...

3- Johnny Manziel QB- Bridgewater is pro-ready blah blah, Bortles is built like an NFL QB blah blah...enough, Manziel is the easy choice for me here. The Jaguars have been missing that "It" player as long as I can remember (Mark Brunell?) and this is the kid to put us back on the map. I dont know what it is about Manziel but he just seems to have "it" even if his "weapons" will consist of Toby Gerhart, Cecil Shorts, Mercedez Lewis, ect. for some reason i believe this kid could make due in this division. We brought in some defensive toys for Bradley now time for some sizzle.

4- Cleveland Browns- Sammy Watkins WR- I wrote up Mack in this spot but then i looked at the offensive side of the ball and felt sick. Kruger was overpaid last offseason and i cannot draft mack after taking Mingo a year ago, just cant with that offense. So we go with Watkins, not a bad consolation prize. This kid paired with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron on offense along with Pettine and those additions of defense (Dansby, Hitner) and the Browns are finally not a team where you check off "win" when your team gets their schedule. Imagine having to worry about tackling Gordon and Watkins in space? these two have the chance to give you 6 with any WR screen, making our QB's job(whoever that may be) much easier.

5- Oakland Raiders- Khalil Mack- Ahh the Raiders, where do I begin? BPA should be their strategy for the next 2 drafts, Mack is my BPA and teaming him with Woodley should at least give us something to cheer about before Schaub throws a pick-6. Sorry Raiders fans, i just dont know what else to say

6- Atlanta Falcons- Jake Matthews OT-All this talk of them trading up makes me laugh look up and down this roster and how many positions do they have young ascending talent at? CB, QB(although some argue otherwise) and WR is all i got. Matthews will start at RT hoping Baker can rediscover some quality at LT and give us a good pair of bookends, if Baker flops you have the best pass protector coming out of college I have seen in a while. More time means more deep bombs for Julio and Roddy and with that defense we must outscore out opponents in this point scoring NFC South

7-Tampa Bay Bucs- Eric Ebron TE- this team was clearly the winners to me in free agency, but gets bad luck in the draft because of the lack of QB selections ahead of them. Watkins, Mack, and Matthews would all be great choices but Ebron isnt so bad either. Lovie is a defensive coach, and with all the ascending talent we have there Mccoy, Johnson, Verner, David, Barron, Goldson Ect we give our QB another toy. Mike Evans is a Vincent Jackson Clone and do not like the fit, but running out skill players consisting of V-Jax, Doug Martin, Ebron, and Mike Williams behind a good offensive line could make this team NFC South favorites

8- Minnesota Vikings- Teddy Bridgewater QB- This is just a BPA pick, I cannot look Peterson in the eye if i trot out a Matt Cassel/ Christian Ponder duo in the twilight years of his prime. Cordarrelle Patterson, Rudolph, Peterson and Jennings give Bridgewater some talent to work with right away. And we have faith in Zimmer to fix that defense.

9- Buffalo Bils- Mike Evans WR- Robert Woods was a great 2nd rounder last year and Stevie is still there but this gives the Bills a dynamic 3WR set. Spiller, Stevie, Woods, and Evans could make Manuels job a lot easier and if he flops gives us a great young offensive core to work with for their next QB

10- Detroit Lions- Darqueze Dennard- Golden Tate gives us a respectable #2 opposite of THE #1 WR, and Bell and Bush is a good 1-2 offensive punch, so this was one of the easier choices so far in this draft. The Lions have needed secondary help for a long time now. Even with Suh, Fairley, and Ansah they were still shredded, Dennard is my favorite CB in this draft because of his physicality, and for the fact he already shadowed WR's in college and was very successful doing so.

11- Tennessee Titans- Blake Bortles-QB- call me whatever you like but i do not believe in Jake Locker. This roster has playoff potential when you I look at it. Whiz is supposed to be a great QB guru so lets give him the QB with the most potential in the class. If Locker can finally stay healthy and become a better pocket passer I will swallow my pride, but give Bortles part of the first year to grow and unleash him when Locker gets hurt or under performs again, this team could be something with even average QB play in that division.

12- New York Giants- Aaron Donald- DT- the Giants glory days were based off of great d-line play, and with this pick they build another potentially monster unit along with a much improved secondary. I looked at CJ Mosley here as well but a future front line of Damontre Moore/Kiwinuka, Donald, Hankins, and a healthy JPP would be some damn line. Donalds ability to rush the passer from the inside is uncanny, if he slipped to 18 i would have a hard time passing on him for the NYJ.

13- St Louis Rams-HaHa Clinton-Dix S- The Rams get a luxury pick before most teams have made one selection. I juggled here between Gilbert, and Pryor before settling on Haha. He is more of the deep safety we are looking for to pair with last years SS selection TJ Mcdonald. With Haha roaming the deep center and with Long, Brockers, and Quinn coming after you, this d is building something. With these two selections in the first if i was their GM i would be looking to trade back into the late 1st for Kelvin Benjamin but, hey i only have enough for a first round mock here.

14- Chicago Bears- Calvin Pryor S- This also was a free throw type of selection. Because of the re-signing of their CB's i pass on Gilbert and upgrade a horrible Saftey pairing. Because of our offensive prowess out defensive does not need to be top 5 anymore. With a few additions to the d-line up front this pick will be an easy one for the Bears. Pryor can lay the wood and also roam the deep center if needed.

15- Pittsburgh Steelers- Justin Gilbert CB- Taylor Lewan is quite tempting here but the Steelers need some help on the back end. Gilbert is everything you look for in a CB, hes got size, speed, strength, ball skills but needs some work on the smaller things. He has the potential to be better than Dennard, so we sprinted to the podium here.

16- Dallas Cowboys- Anthony Barr OLB/DE- This is a tough spot for the Cowboys. Do i reach for Jernigan or Nix here? no i take the best pass rusher on the board and tell Rob Miranelli to get to work. The type of 4-3 attacking style he runs made street players like George Selvie successful. I believe this would be a good spot for Barr, theyll bring him in on 3rd down to start and say go get that QB, and thats something that this kid can do.

17- Baltimore Ravens- Taylor Lewan OT- Ozzie Newsome sticks to his board, and you can bet that if Lewan is here at 17 he will be a Raven. This just shows why the Ravens are so successful, scoop up Eugene Monroe/ Zuttah and after this selection a line of Monroe, Osemele, Zuttah, Yanda, and Lewan would be one of the NFL's best. Bringing in Steve Smith to go With Torrey, and re-signing Pitta give Joe Flacco no excuses. Earn that money son

18- New York Jets- Brandin Cooks WR- This is when winning those last two games gets me upset, we missed out on a lot of elite talent but Cooks is still a great selection. I also bounced the idea of Zack Martin but i think Cooks is the better prospect. Going from what we had last year to a Decker, Kerley, Cooks top 3 is a monstrous improvement. If the ND tight end Nicklas is their in the 2nd i run to the podium again and after one season our offensive is re-made. Cooks is another guy that can go the distance on any touch, and that is something that will surely be welcomed after watching the ground and pound 12 play scoring drives it takes for the Jets to actually score. While those 12 play drives are nice, getting some early leads and letting our Young-ry defensive line get after it, could really be fun to watch.

19- Miami Dolphins- Zack Martin OT- i hate just drafting a player because the team has a need at that position, a few selection (Bears, Steelers) and here with the Dolphins just work that way. Albert is a start for the Dolphins but they still need two more offensive line pieces. Martin can play both guard or tackle making it much easier for Miami to improve their line. If they pick up another good tackle Martin can be a great guard, and if a guard becomes available Martin could play RT, its a win-win for the fins here.

20- Arizona Cardinals- CJ Mosely LB- We offset losing Dansby by taking a player who shows flashes of what Dansby did for the Cardinals. I know Minter was a high pick a few years ago but the value here was just too great. Mosely and Washington combine to hopefully challenge our Rival 49ers pair of Bowman and Willis. I love Mosely as a player and almost selected him for the NYJ at 18. He has so much good college tape, plays the run and pass well and is even a good blitzer. Arizona gets a steal here if he can stay healthy.

21- Green Bay Packers- Jace Amaro TE- this is another time when need and value both work out. The Packers are without Jermichael Finley and Amaro can run all the routes mabey not as quick as Ebron, but is more reliable. I almost took Marquise Lee here, but Boykin showed he was more than capable last year. With Eddie Lacy, Rodgers, Jordy, Cobb, Amaro, and Boykin this offense is going to be even better than before. (and damn the Cardinals for snatching Mosely)

22- Philadelphia Eagles- Dee Ford OLB- if im the GM i am tying Chips hands on this one and going defensive. While Barwin is a nice all around piece at one OLB spot the Eagles need someone else to bring the heat. Dee wowed people at the senior bowl with his impressive burst and surprising strength. Safety help is needed but is would be too big of a reach for Jimmie Ward here, but also tough to resist Verett here.

23- Kansas City Chiefs- Jason Verrett CB- Andy Reid loves his o-linemen and after losing asomoah and Schwartz the big boy from UCLA at guard was tempting but this secondary was a mess last season and i believe Verrett is underrated because of being under-sized. While everyone is obsessing over tall CB's to match Seattles the Chiefs take a great talent here. And as a consolation prized make sure he does not slip to the San Diego Chargers, who would have their pick in seconds after this kid fell to them.

24- Cincinnati Bengals-Kony Ealy DE- The Bengals could use a player like Odell Beckham, but iMarvin Jones showed last year that he is a very capable #2. Losing Michael Johnson hurts, do not let the 3.5 Sacks fool you; hell thats what Sheldon had last year and we all know how big he was for us. But a kid like Ealy could slide in with Peko, Atkins, and Dunlap to continue to give the Cincinnati Bengals a young, explosive front.

25- San Diego Chargers- Odell Beckham Jr WR- CB is a huge need but reaching in not what i want instead i pick up great value with Beckham. Woodhead, Mathews, Donald Brown, Beckham, Ladarius Green and some third round pick named Keenan Allen would not be a fun offense to game plan for. This draft is being praised for its depth, and we hope to take advantage of that with cornerbacks in the upcoming rounds.

26- Cleveland Browns- Derek Carr QB- While Brian Hoyer gave the Browns a good showing last year we all know he is not a QB to build around. What he does give us is a perfect stop-gap to let Carr sit, learn and then show off that Arm while throwing deep bombs to Gordon, Watkins and Cameron. Watch out for the Browns next year if they pull this off. (not to mention they pick again in 9 picks)

27- New Orleans Saints- Marqise Lee WR- Hofstra's Pride Colston is very hard to trust as his injuries start to stack up. Lance Moore has been released and while Kenny Stills flashed last year do you really want to risk having to start Robert Meachum if the injury bug bites Colston yet again? But enough about the Saint situation and more about Lee, he had a rough year this season with injuries and drops but was widely considered a top 5 pick before last year. The talent is there, and would anyone like to bet against Sean Payton and Brees bringing it out of him?

28- Carolina Panthers- Kelvin Benjamin WR- Carolina's decision to release Steve Smith is still a head scratcher, but instead of reaching for Moses from UVA we take a player who can become Cam Newtons new favorite target. This monster of a WR is only just beginning to show his talent. 6'5 with 35" arms cannot be taught, and Cam finally has a new target. (unless your counting Jericho Cotchery...)

29- New England Patriots- Louis Nix DT- While rumors are that Wilfork is on the outs this is the selection i would have made even if he was still here. Nix has had his share of injuries that have slowed him but when healthy this kid is a beast against the run. The Patriots secondary is coming togather nicely with the addition of Revis (still gag whenever i say that) but need another run plugger in the middle, Nix brings that and more; not bad for the 29th selection.

30- San Francisco 49ers- Allen Robinson WR- one of my favorite WRS in this class falls to the hers, Timmy Jernigan crossed my mind but 6'2 220 pound receiver with moves was too hard to pass up. His route running is crisp, has great hands and hops and could come in right away and give the 49ers that number 3 receiving playmaker they need.

31- Denver Broncos- Ryan Shazier OLB- This is another interesting prospect in this draft. With the 3WR look becoming the new base formation you need Linebackers that can cover. Shazier is a rangy, athletic linebacker that can drop into coverage while Del Rio fires up Von Miller and Ware from the outside. His size is a little worrisome but with Pot Roast and Derek Wolfe in front of him along with Miller and Ware he should have no problems flying to the ballcarrier, where he is at his best.

32- Seattle Seahawks- Xavier Su'a-Filo- easy selection for the world champs here. our offensive line is the place where the team needs to improve the most, and Su'a-Filo has the mean-streak that would go along well with the skittle man himself Marshawn Lynch.

Let me know what you guys think!

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