Brandin Cooks: The 2014 DeSean Jackson

When rumors of DeSean Jackson being on the trading block first came out and the Jets having interest I became extremely excited. The prospect of having Jackson lined up opposite of Eric Decker with Jeremy Kerley running underneath and the loaded backfield options of Chris Ivory, Mike Goodson and Michael Vick is too much for a defense to have to account for.

Deseans numbers speak for themselves as how explosive and dynamic a player he can be. With the edge of having the possibility of Vick throwing to him in the Marty Mornhinweg offense could take you back a couple of years ago when they carried the Eagles to the playoffs. What’s not to get excited over?

After asking myself that question I actually came up with a few things that I wasn’t excited over if this trade were to go through. For starters the salary pick up and the loss of picks. Unless Jackson is willing to take a pay cut by about $2M I don’t like the prospect of losing a 3rd while having to pick up such a high salary. If DeSean gets cut, which is highly unlikely, I don’t see John Idzick winning in a bidding war because he’ll stick to his scruples.

More important to me is the prospect of losing out on Brandin Cooks. I look at Brandin Cooks at simply being a younger and tougher version of DeSean. The only difference is Desean is proven and with any rookie you can’t guarantee anything. However that’s what the draft is for. Building the foundation for your future. Brandin Cooks and DeSean Jacksons measurable are almost identical:

HEIGHT: DeSean Jackson - 5'10" Brandin Cooks - 5'10"

WEIGHT: DeSean Jackson - 178 Brandin Cooks - 186

40 YARD DASH: DeSean Jackson - 4.35 Brandin Cooks - 4.33

VERTICAL JUMP: DeSean Jackson - 34.5 Brandin Cooks - 36

I realize these numbers mean nothing until they actually translate to the field and until then Brandin Cooks will ultimately be an unknown, however, one can feel relatively comfortable with his collegiate performance and how it will translate into the NFL. We are in a prime position to select Cooks at #18. If we were to make a move for Jackson this could jeopardize this selection and shift the gears to another position of need. As much talent as there is in this draft I would rather Cooks over any of the potential suitors at our selection spot such as Dennard or Fuller.

I pose the questions – would you truly rather all the baggage and the loss of picks and or money to the proven Jackson with a reunion with Vick and Marty or would you rather take the chance on the DeSean Jackson of the 2014 draft in Brandin Cooks. Additionally would you see another potential pick that you would rather have over Cooks at the 18th spot if we shifted gears from WR at the first selection, hypothetically speaking that’s where we’re currently looking.
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