Vick is not the Trick

As the next few days move at an excruciating pace, fast or slow depending on your point of view, what most Jets fans have been holding their breath for will finally allow them to breathe...or gasp.

In a few days a $2-million line is the sand will be crossed, and we’ll have a better idea of where the Jets stand at QB.

Since Vick is visiting today, let me hit that first.

As evident on this site and others, Vick is an extremely polarizing player. Many people have justified taking him on based on his abilities. I’m not quite convinced. But what I do know is Vick has year in and year out been regarded as one of the most hated sports figures since his arrest and conviction.

Haven’t the Jets had their fill of QB baggage? Aren’t we trying to unify our team and fanbase? Haven’t we learned anything from the Tebow debacle? If Vick is taken, then you know exactly what will happen. The media will bring back the Jets circus to town. I’m tired of this. I can’t believe the owner and management would willingly want to take this on...again.

When the Jets brought Tebow in, the Jets underestimated his impact on fans and the media and the locker room. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Oh, how quickly we forget.

Vick paid his price for the crimes he was convicted of. So, I have no problem with him playing now. And I’m happy he appears to have turned his life around. However, the Jets have too much negative QB history of recent. Opening the door to more is not the direction this team should head. Reopening wounds and creating new ones is not how we heal.

And I’m sure Vick wants his past to be in the past. In New York, he can 100% expect his past will be reexamined from every nauseam. Why would Vick want to subject himself to that? How is this good for him? For the locker room? For the team?

Now, back to his football abilities. For the past years, all I have been hearing about Vick is turnovers and injuries. He isn’t getting any younger. And here’s the obvious: the Eagles have a young QB, and they need a proven backup who can still help mentor him. So why are they allowing Vick to go? If he is such a good acquisition for us—for the same role essentially—then something just isn’t making sense.

Fans can be quick on the draw to want to oust a QB. And of course there is an endless pool of NFL starting QB’s. And all first rounders turn out wonderful. These delusions aside, it is terribly hard to find a good starting QB let alone a great starting QB. If Vick was the option many fans and the media are pointing to, then why is he garnering such a little interest from other teams? Even the Raiders ended up going a different route. The Raiders...

I wish Vick the best. I hope he continues to keep his course straight. But the Jets is not the right landing place.

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