So What Do We Do For Cornerback?

So we lost out on Antonio Cromartie and DRC and Alteruon Verner and Aquib Talib and Vontae Davis and Darelle Revis, and some people want John Idzik's head, but I beg of you all, don't fret just yet.

See, there are some decent options still available that can hold over the spot opposite Dee in 2014, even if their tenure there will be temporary. Lets explore, shall we?

Antoine Cason-A first round pick in 2008, Cason held his own in the San Diego backfield for five years before signing a one year prove it deal with Arizona. In Arizona, he didn't dazzle, but was playing a limited role. He only had one less interception than Cromartie last year (ha ha) and should come on the cheap, keep in mind he has the potential.

Aaron Ross-Another former first round pick comes from the same stadium. Aaron Ross has two Super Bowl rings, and while he is not as young as Cason, 31 isn't as ancient as some of the options on the market. Ross has above average coverage but he does haul in a decent amount of interceptions. There is of course a huge issue regarding Ross, and that is his injury risk. Ross only played 4 games in 2013 due to a back injury. While this may make him cheap, does it really make him worthy of a one year stopgap deal?

Corey Webster-While we're on the topic of former Giants with Super Bowl rings, we have to address Corey Webster. Webster hauls in a large number of interceptions as well and spent years as one of the elite backs in the game, however his age is high and he, like Ross, only played four games in 2013 due to injury.

Carlos Rogers-Also 32, Carlos Rodgers joins us as another first round pick who is just a few years removed from playing in a pro bowl. Rodgers is a corner who can tackle, a good fit in a Rex system, and has a good amount of experience that young Dee can learn from. While he is getting up there in age, he is of course only temporary. Rogers may be my favorite option because he is still preforming like someone only a little past their prime, couldn't be worse than Cromartie was last year.

Asante Samuel/Champ Bailey -Two more older options that bring oodles of experience but the sound of their bones creaking while they run may be hard to deal with.

Then of course we can always hope the Texans cut Jonathan Joseph. I mean hope.

Or there's the in house options of Darrin Walls/Johnny Patrick/Ras-I Dawling, assuming Kyle Wilson stays at the nickel role and Ellis Lankster still cannot play coverage. Hey, there is potential here, seriously… Some high draft picks… yeah.

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