Reviewing Breno Giacomini.

Warning: If you have a weak stomach or an existing heart condition, this Tackle is not recommended for you.



I chose to examine Seattle's Week 11 match up from last season, against the Minnesota Vikings. I chose this game because the Vikings are on the Jets schedule this up-coming season, and thought it would give the best look of how Giacomini would perform for us next year.

For most of the game Giacomini was matched up against Vikings DE Brian Robison. Although 30 year old Robison has really taken a step forward the past few years of his career, I would rank him as an average starting DE in the NFL.

The Good

  • Giacomini completely pancakes his opponent the first play of the game. Great way to set the tone.
  • 70% of the time he is making strong blocks in the run game.
  • Plays to the whistle.

The Bad

  • Completely horrendous in pass protection. Gave up a sack and would of given up at least 4 more, if it wasn't for Russell Wilson making a great play to elude defenders. Also avoided a sack by blatantly holding the defender after getting beat (was called for holding on the play).
  • 30% of the time he is completely lost in the run game. There will be multiple plays where he doesn't block anybody.
  • Whiffs on every single cut block he attempts to make.
  • Terrible footwork when kick-sliding in pass protection. Many times, the DE beats him with a speed rush, purely off of Giacomini's terrible footwork, and inability to get back in his kick-slide
  • Completely lost on WR screens to his side, doesn't block anybody in open space.

For those saying that losing Howard and signing Giacomini is a "lateral move", I just simply don't see it. Howard and Giacomini were about equal in run blocking, but pass blocking is vastly in Howard's favor, compared to Giacomini.

If it wasn't for Seattle's great run game, quick 3 step drop passes, and Russell Wilson's elite ability to elude defenders, Giacomini would have been exposed a lot more.

I really hope Giacomini isn't a starter for the New York Jets next year. But if he is, we will have to rely on the 3 step drop, with a lot of quick slants, outs, curls and screens in our passing game, or Geno will be getting sacked even more than he did last year. With Marty Mornhinweg's tendancy to throw the ball down field, and Giacomini's inability to pass protect for 5 and 7 step drops, I just don't see how he fits in our offense.

Tell me what you think.
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