Revis Reunion? Maybe we can pull this off

EDIT: It could have worked.

I have already made my AGOP and I will stand by it, even though some big names are clearly not going to fall to the Jets. I did, however, want to think up an offseason plan where the Jets can come away with Revis and still build a relatively nice team.

After spending all day in an office doing finance related things I started to think about the $50mil my AGOP had the Jets coming away with after their foolish-not-to-consider cuts and thought, 'why the hell not?!" Revis wanted $16mil to stick around, Revis wants to be reunited with Rex(allegedly), and the Jets coincidentally need a cornerback and have money. Revis fits the Jets scheme to a T and will instantly improve all the players around him. The problem comes in trying to build an offense when the biggest offseason signing will probably be a defensive player.

I thought hard about this dilemma and, upon seeing Austin Howard go the way of Mike DeVito and sign with a lesser team(I know the Chiefs had a good year but they were awful in 2012), I determined that the second most expensive addition would have to be an offensive tackle, unless of course the Jets elect to overpay a wide receiver who can barely be a number one (*cough Decker, Nicks *cough). Where did this bring me? Well let me break it down!

First we got the deals already done:

Jeff Cumberland -3 years 3.7mil
Nick Folk - 3 years 3mil a year
Ellis Lankster -2 year 1.63mil
Darrin Walls -no money details but I'm gonna say a one year RFA tender of 1.4mil
Nick Bellore -one year 1.4mil
Leger Douzable -1 year 1.5mil (probably)

And now the resignings:

Willie Colon -1 year 1.6mil
Calvin Pace -1 year 1.3mil
Ed Reed -1 year 2mil
Garret McIntyre -1 year 1.3mil

I suppose I must address those before we move any further. I realized that the signing of Revis means the Jets cannot go out and spend heavily on certain skill positions, not that there is much talent left at them anyway. Colon is a more than decent fallback option at guard as is Pace for outside linebacker. As for Reed, I know he wasn't fantastic last year but he was also injured for the beginning of the season, including the preseason games. I think Reed might at least deserve another shot; at worse, he may be a backup for Antonio Allen and Dawan Landry while mentoring Josh Bush and Rontez Miles. As for McIntyre, well I think he contributes great depth. All these signings leave $34mil in cap space for outside the organization improvement.

And now for the expensive pieces:

Lets start with the big one:

Darrelle Revis -4 years 48mil with 15mil in 2014

Its only 1mil less than he wants but its more than enough to make him the highest paid corner in the league, and he should concede that million back to us, afterall he did suffer an ACL tear. Bringing Revis in for 4 years allows the Jets to develop Milliner alongside the man he once replaced and gives the Jets, handsdown, one of the best corner duos in the league.

Zack Streif -3 years 18mil with 5.5mil in 2014

This has to be our second highest signing area, in my opinion. Streif is better than Howard was anyway and isn't making a head turning figure at just over $5mil, but is making what a stand up tackle deserves.

Sidney Rice -1 year 1.5mil

You guys know I love me some Rice. This guy is right up Idzik's alley having been injured last year and worth a bargain price this year. If he's awful in preseason he can be released, but if not, give him a shot! He is a veteran guy with great hands afterall.

Stephen Nicholas -1 year 1.3mil

Falcons cut Nicholas after seven seasons as outside linebacker depth and his lackluster year should net him a very affordable contract, again in Idzik's wheelhouse.

Now here's where things get ballsy.


New York Jets receive Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers first round pick

Carolina receives Stephen Hill, New York's first and fifth round picks

Rather than discuss, I prefer to let that one sit there for a while.

Now we must head into the draft selecting a wide receiver like Cooks or Beckham in the first round, an inside linebacker in the second(I like this call because Harris is aging and probably done after 2014), a tight end in the third (Fiedorowicz), a running back, an OLB, a second receiver, and maybe another OG for the rest of the draft, oh and maybe a backup quarterback for all ya'll Geno haters out there.

So how about this, the Jets come away with two veteran receivers and a rookie, a great defensive backfield, an improved O-line, and the same D-line we all came to love last year. I think this is a pretty damn good scenario, although it puts us into a win-now mode we can continue to draft and to plug the holes seamlessly for a long time to come. So what do you think?

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