Free Agency is about to begin: which players interest the Jets?

Six players to look at as a Jets fan (all players in whom the Jets are reportedly interested):

1. QB Shaun Hill, Detroit Lions: One player who everybody covets, Shaun Hill has been an admirable backup for the past few years. However, the biggest concerns when dealing with him are that A) he's not young, B) he's not as polished as some of the veteran free agent quarterbacks, C) every fan of every team thinks that he'd be a "cheap" veteran pickup, thus causing his eventual contract to be inflated. He is one player that I would not touch with a ten-foot pole because of the many concerns. Indeed, he would be a decent backup to Geno, able to go into games and make a play or two, but he likely will not be able to lead this team to the playoffs nor will he teach Geno much. There are better options for a veteran backup.

2. RB Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars: I'm going to keep my analysis short on this guy: he's washed up. His elusiveness has escaped him over the years as injuries take a toll on his successful career. Although he'd likely be able to find holes on the Jets' offensive line next year, Idzik should stick to a thunder/lightning tandem featuring Chris Ivory and a lightning back, whilst peppering in Bilal Powell. This is not a great need and a player like Mojo, a big name without much talent left, would not help to fill this need nor would he come cheaply. Buyer beware.

3. WRs James Jones, Green Bay Packers: The Jets desperately need help at receiver, that much is obvious. But the question is, who will they sign? Clearly, the Jets need to invest some money into their offense. The question is, how much? I think that one large-scale free agent and an early draft pick should settle the position for the time to come. Enter James Jones. He's made a name for himself in the fantasy sphere and has actually been a multi-faceted threat when on the field. The problem is that age (he'll be 30 on March 31) and durability concerns will make him a risky pickup. However, the Jets have been known to keep the oft-injured healthy with specific practice schedules catered towards these types of players.

4. TE Ed Dickson, Baltimore Ravens: Indeed, tight end is a need, but the question is, do the Jets sign any of the available tight ends? In what is a very weak year for free agent tight ends, it would be inappropriate for the Jets to bring in another tight end with holes in his game. Rather, I'd advise drafting a receiving tight end in round one or two, like Jace Amaro or Eric Ebron.

5. OG Jon Asamoah, Kansas City Chiefs: One player that I would like to see in green and white, Asamoah did not flourish much in Kansas City but could when put in a better situation. His run blocking skills are not terrible, but he leaves a lot to be desired when protecting the quarterback. Stationing him between D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold should help jumpstart his career.

6. FS TJ Ward, Cleveland Browns: The Jets could definitely utilize a player like TJ Ward in their defensive backfield, but it is not as important as many people think. Having a centerfield is necessary as the Jets were susceptible to big time plays down the middle of the field, but we do not need a Jairus Byrd like everybody has been demanding. A player of Ward or Byrd's caliber in the defensive backfield is just a luxury at this point, not a need. Let's address the QB, RB, WR, TE, OG, OLB problems first as they are far more pressing than the need to sign an elite safety.

What do you guys think? Would you actually sign any of these players who the Jets have already been interested in, according to various reports? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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