AGOP: Are you tired of reading these?

The Jets are realistically still a few years away. In 2014, our goal should be trying to make it tough on the Patriots to repeat as division champs and hopefully earn one of the wild card spots. I know we have a lot of money to spend but we should be prudent in how we do so.

We need to look at signing free agents that will be in their prime two to three years from now not necessarily this year. Also, we need to find a way to build better overall depth. Besides, next year’s free agents most likely will be better so we need to have money available going forward. For example, the Niners are looking to give Kap $18 mil but Aldon Smith is going to need to get paid not to mention their Oline and Bowman and Willis already get paid or need to. This means something has to give like releasing Bowman or Smith? This is just one team as an example. The 2011 rookie class was extremely talented and will be looking to get paid. Some of these players will be becoming free agents and some will be eating cap room when resigned leading to release other talented players.

One of the main emphasis, we should look at is not adding home run threats with huge financial commitments or high draft picks with bust potential but adding players offensively that can help consistently move the chains. Our defense is good and because it is relatively young and well coached it is only going to get better, but it is always on the field. Consistently, getting first downs is the only way to keep them off the field. So our focus on adding offensive weapons should come down to route running ability and overall hands because we need to sustain drives.

Starting Cap Space = $24 million

Cap Space After Cuts = $51 million (Sanchez, Holmes, Cromartie, Goodson)

Free Agent Signings:

WR Golden Tate – 4yrs/22 ml (4.4 mil)

- Look at his 2013 NFL stats, they are almost identical to Maclins 2012 stats. Tate did this playing in a balanced run first offense where as Maclin did it in a pass happy offense. Tate has broken more tackles than any WR in football over the last two years so he does have run after catch ability

WR Miles Austin – 2 yrs/7 Mil (3.5 mil)

- I am assuming he gets cut. He will be 30 and can’t stay healthy. With this I hope we catch lighting in a bottle. When he is healthy he is a solid receiver and has had 1000 yard seasons. I would not give him much guaranteed, that way if it doesn’t work out then there is no huge risk

WR Kenny Britt – 1 yr/1 mil (1 mil)

- This is probably your last chance Mr. Britt. Can you be that receiver that looked like you were on to great things back in 2010 and live up to your high draft status? Britt has the size and talent to be a great player but it seems what’s between the ears is his downfall. Sign him to a minimum contract and if he keeps his nose clean and performs it was a great signing. If not, then the first sign of trouble we cut him with no risk.

TE Jeff Cumberland – 3 yr/3.7 mil (1.3 mil)

G Chad Rinehart – 3 yrs/9 mil (3 mil)

- Solid vet who brings versatility to our line

CB Darrelle Revis – 3yrs/30 mil (10 mil)

-He won’t get 16 mil anywhere now. Let’s bring him back he’s 28 so he has some good years left. Its beautiful because we got a 1st and 4th round pick for essentially a one year loan

$24 Mil

Re Sign:

Calvin Pace (1.5 mil)

Willie Colon (1.5 mil)

Austin Howard (5 mil)

Leger Douzable, Ellis Lankster (3 mil)

$11 Mil

Draft (1st 5 rounds):

Rnd 1: Jace Amaro TE

Ebron probably won’t be there even with the Ravens resigning of Pitta. I think Amaro is the safer pick if he is there anyway, he has more reliable hands able to help act as a safety blanket for Geno. To me Ebron seems like a boom or bust and I am leaning toward bust because he doesn’t have all the skills needed that make a tight end (toughness, blocking). We need reliability, hands, and route running that get us first downs before we look at these perceived boom players. If we can trade down to later in the first round, gain some picks, and still pick him then even better

Rnd 2: Jimmy Garrapolo QB

Having a real backup to push the starter is paramount especially for a young starting QB. Real competition gets the best out of everyone. By signing some journeyman back up to compete with Geno is not real competition. Montana had Young to push him, the Cowboys drafted Steve Walsh to push Aikman who stepped up and kept his job, Kaepernick pushed Alex Smith and eventually pushed him out same with Rodgers and Favre in a way. Basically, there is huge upside to having a real threat for your job at the QB position. I like his release because it cuts down defenders reaction times and I like that he wasn’t a highly touted prospect and has a chip on his shoulder. This may be too high to pick him but QB’s are usually overvalued and this pick is more about a real QB competition than anything. If it turns out that we wasted a 2nd round pick here to push Geno to step up his game then it was well worth it.

Rnd 3: Jarvis Landry WR

This is value. I think he has the best hands in the draft and I wouldn’t be surprised he fell to the third. He hardly ever catches with his body preferring to actually catch the ball with his hands like reciever’s should. Oh yeah, and he loves to block and block effectively. So what he ran a slow 40 at the combine? Have we not learned plenty of other successful reciever’s in the league did that too.

Rnd 4: Lache Seastrunk RB

To me I see Lesean McCoy mixed with a little Gio Bernard in his running style (not the rest of his game). His agility is top notch and his low center of gravity is a huge advantage. We already have a bruiser and Seastrunk is deadly we he gets the corner. Besides, Chris Ivory has proven he can’t always stay healthy and Bilal Powell has proven that his is as mediocre as it gets. Seastrunk absolutely is a big play running back. The knock on him is that he caught zero passes his senior season, but that’s why he falls to the fourth.

Rnd 4: Brandon Coleman WR

This is a pick based on potential. It’s in the 4th round so it’s worth doing so. It may take 2 years to develop him but he should be able to contribute in the red zone right away. Also, with his frame he can help block on the outside in the running game right away too.

Rnd 5: Antone Exum S/CB

Likes to hit. He is a good athlete that can provide versatility by playing Safety, corner, or nickel corner. If he is coached up correctly, he could develop into a starter at either position

$7 Mil

Left over cap space for extensions, more signings if needed (camp cuts), and more flexibility for next year = $7 mil

Roster (still flexible)

QB = Geno Smith, Jimmy Garrapolo, Chris Simms (Now have a real competition)

RB = Chris Ivory, Lache Seastrunk, Bilal Powell, D’anthony Thomas (Now we have power, and speed and Thomas was picked in the 6th)

FB = Tommy Bohannon

WR = Golden Tate, Miles Austin, Jeremy Kerley, Kenny Britt, Jarvis Landry, Brandon Coleman, David Nelson, Stephan Hill (Cut 2 to 3 of them by opening day) (I took the shotgun approach here and there is some talent and little risk)

TE = Jace Amaro, Dustin Keller, Konrad Rueland (I doubt Keller has anything left but if he does this position shapes up good)

Tackles = D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Oday Aboushi, Austin Howard, Ben Ijalana,

Guards = Colon, Winters, Rinehart, Campbell

Centers = Mangold, Schlauderaff

Kicker = Folk

Defensive Ends = Wilkerson, Richardson, Douzable

Nose Tackle = Harrison, Ellis

Outside Linebackers = Coples, Pace, McIntyre

Inside Linebackers = Davis, Harris, Bellore

Corners = Revis, Milliner, Wilson, Walls, Lankster, Gaines (Gaines was picked in the 7th)

Safeties = Allen, Landry, Bush, Exum

Punter = Quigley

Snapper = Pardum

PR = Thomas, Tate, Kerley

KR = Thomas, Tate

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