AGOP: At the wire!

I wanted to get my AGOP done as close to the beginning of free agency as I could and seeing how I'll be in an office until 5 tomorrow I think this is the best time to get this in. Now I've been thinking about this every night as I went to sleep and I think I have come away with a decent offseason mapping for the Jets. My main concern lies in how much money I guarantee to free agents, I hope its not too much/little/completely unpractical. Enjoy.


Mark Sanchez
Santonio Holmes
Antonio Cromartie
Clyde Gates
Mike Goodson
Alex Green
Caleb Schlauderaff
Jaiquawn Jarrett
Chris Pantale

Every little dollar counts and one thing I've learned about Idzik is that he will not be afraid to use cheap replacements in certain skill positions. I have found that all of those players are expendable, and therefore don't need to remain on the Jets in 2014. The way I see this, on a more specific level, Jarrett is the lesser of safety depth, Schlauderaff is lesser than Freeman, Pantale can be replaced by anybody, essentially, and Goodson/Green and Gates will be replaced in free agency.

All these cuts leave the cap room at *gasp* $50million.


Mo Wilkerson -pick up 2015 option


Stephen Hill for a 6th round pick


*Already done:
Jeff Cumberland -3 years 3.7mil
Nick Folk -kicker franchise
Ellis Lankster -2 year 1.63mil
Darrin Walls -no money details but I'm gonna say a one year RFA tender of 1.4mil
Nick Bellore -one year 1.4mil

Garrett McIntyre -one year RFA tender 1.4mil
Leger Douzable -two year 4.1mil with 3mil guaranteed and a first year cap hit of 2.2mil

Lankster and Walls coming back were big moves for the special teams unit but Bellore and McIntyre are great depth pieces that should return, especially for the moderate money they're already valued at. As for Douzable, this guy has tried other teams and has never prospered as he does in a New York Jets uniform. His defensive line coach is the same man who elected to sign him as an UDFA at the beginning of his career and he has the talent to be used perfectly in our defensive scheme. I see the Jets wanting Douzable back bad enough to offer a decent amount of money.

Calvin Pace -one year 1.5mil
Austin Howard -four years 18mil with 9.5mil guaranteed, 3.5mil in 2014 escalating thereafter

Howard isn't gonna be cheap, unfortunately, but thankfully the Jets can afford it. As for Pace, he deserves another year and there is already mutual desire for keeping the union preserved.

And that leaves the New York Jets cap space at $39mil for free agent signings


Alterruon Verner -4 year 45mil with 10mil in 2014 20mil guaranteed
Sidney Rice -1 year 2.3mil 2mil guaranteed
Darren Sproles -2 year 7mil with 4mil in 2014 5mil guaranteed
Kevin Boothe -1 year 1.3mil 1mil guaranteed
Jericho Cotchery -1 year 1.5mil 1mil guaranteed
Donte Whitner -4 year 24mil with 6mil in 2014 15mil guaranteed
Ben Hartsock -1 year 1.3mil 1mil guaranteed

Verner would be a terrific upgrade over Cromartie and should, along with Whitner, bring some solidarity to the back of the defense again without a doubt. I imagine Sproles being a tremendous help to this offense being what Goodson was meant to be and catching balls for extra yardage all over the place. Cotchery and Rice add great veteran depth and Hartsock aids Cumberland by being the team's blocking tight end. As for Boothe, I hope he has a Steven Peterman type presence for the likes of Campbell and Aboushi so they can hopefully step into the starting role- should they not, Colon should be available on the cheap until late in the offseason.

And with 12mil left for the draft we pursue as such:

Round 1: Marquise Lee WR UNC

Here is the young pass catcher the Jets need for years to come, he will eventually be the favorite target of Geno but until that point he has a great mentor in Rice.

Round 2: Chris Borland ILB Wisconsin

David Harris is getting old and his departure next year should yield the Jets good reason to get his replacement drafted and ready to contribute.

Round 3: Dakota Dozier OG Furman

There is plenty of guard depth int his draft, and as I said once before, I think the Jets should look to replace Ducasse and not Colon, in other words, the Jets need a solid depth piece who can be plugged in on either side of Mangold.

Round 3: Will Clarke DE WVU

You're not gonna keep Rex away from his strong suit for long, and Will Clarke plays well enough to be groomed into Pace's replacement at outside linebacker, if not as a solid sub-in for the D-line.

Round 4: Arthur Lynch TE Georgia

There is also a lot of tight end value in this draft and Lynch really did impress at the combine. He is a diamond in the rough in the fourth round who can catch and block fairly well to share a role with Cumberland in the coming seasons.

Round 5: Aaron Murray QB Georgia

I expect to catch a lot of flack for neglecting to sign a back up quarterback in free agency but I honestly don't think the Jets need a seasoned Michael Vick or Josh McCown when they can add depth with the draft. Enter Aaron Murray, a smart but short quarterback with fantastic accuracy and an underrated nature. I expect him to garner enough support to start eventually if not to be traded for some nice prizes.

Round 5: Kevin Pierre-Louis OLB Boston

And back to outside linebacker we get another possible replacement for Pace who can rush the passer just as well as any of them and is a tremendous athlete.

2014 Depth:

QB: Geno Smith, Matt Simms, Aaron Murray
RB: Chris Ivory, Darren Sproles, Bilal Powell
WR: Sidney Rice, David Nelson, Jeremy Kerley, Marquise Lee, Saalim Hakim, late round pick
TE: Jeff Cumberland, Ben Hartsock, Arthur Lynch, Zack Sudfield
OT: D'Brickashaw Fergusson, Austin Howard, Oday Aboushi, late round pick
OG: Brian Winters, William Campbell, Dakota Dozier
C: Nick Mangold, Dalton Freeman
DE: Mohammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Leger Douzable, Will Clarke
DT: Damon Harrison, Kenrick Ellis
OLB: Quinton Coples, Calvin Pace, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Antwan Barnes, Garrett McIntyre
ILB: David Harris, Demario Davis, Nick Bellore, Chris Borland
CB: Dee Milliner, Alterroun Verner, Darrin Walls, Kyle Wilson, Ellis Lankster, Johnny Patrick
S: Dante Whitner, Antonio Allen, Dawan Landry, Josh Bush, Rontez Miles
K: Nick Folk
P: Ryan Quigley
LS: Tanner Purdum
PR: Saalim Hakim

Now go ahead, lay all your hatred on me!

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