AGOP (excuse me)

First, a bit about my GM philosophy: I don't have one. You take value where you can get it, hopefully from your own roster.

I) Cuts

6 Salary Cap Moves: Yada, Sanchez, Yada, Holmes, Yada and Cromartie.

Other guys who ain't making the team Cunningham, Patrick, Green, Gates (Ouch), Schl…., Dowling, Zedfeld, Hakiim, Pantale, Campbell, Simms, Quigley, Rose, Fugger, Ford, Taylor.

II) Re-Signs

Cumberland. 2014 Cap Hit. Est $1.2M. 3yr $3.7M.

Folk. $3.6M, 1 yr.

Howard. 2014 Cap $3.5M. 4 yrs total $22M. $6M SB, 1st Yr $2M, 2nd Yr $4M (Gty), 3rd YR $4M (partial Gty), 4th Yr $6M (not Gty). He'll test the market, but he won't get any better deal.

Douzable. 2014 Cap Hit $1.1M. 2 yrs.

McIntyre. $0.7M. 1 yr vet min

Walls. $0.8M. 2 yrs, $1.63M.

Lankster. $0.9M. 2 yrs, $1.63M

All these moves thrown into the OTC Cap Calculating Grinder result in 2014 cap space of $45,827,392. The Jets are in a position to add multiple good players this year, bordering on great. At the same time, an emphasis should be on limiting future dead money and guaranteed years. Also, there are a number of players with elite talent that have major injury risk. Idzik likes these type of deals, and I agree.

III) FA Signings

Verner. 2014 Cap hit $8M. 4 yrs $44M. $8M SB, $6M Yr 1, $9M Yr 2, $10M Yr 3, $11M Yr 4 (ungtyd)

I have to honest, I don't find this signing to be ideal. I'd much rather have a true press corner to be the cornerstone, and its not like Verner has been an elite player for a sustained number of years. Nevertheless, in this defense CB coverage is a must, and Verner's the best cover player available. Worth the money here.

James Jones. 2014 Cap Hit $6M. 3 yrs $18M. $6M SB, $4M Yr 1, $4M Yr 2, $5M Yr 3.

Undervalued possession WR. Great hands, and tough as nails. Boldin Light, but younger.

Geoff Schwartz. 2014 Cap Hit $7M. $3 Yrs $24M. $6M SB, $5M Yr 1, $6M Yr 2, $7M Yr 3

Monster of a man and elite run blocker. I'd take Asamoah, but I'd rather have Schwartz. Hard to believe the Chiefs are letting 3 OLinemen walk. I don't get it. I don't have a great feel for why this guy might be paid, so I went on the high estimate.

Michael Vick. 2014 Cap Hit $4.5M. 2 Yrs $10M with incentives to $14M if he plays over 50% of snaps. $3M SB, $3M Yr 1, $5M Yr 2.

Discussed already at length. You either agree or you probably hate him. But no other available player comes close to providing this much to an offense. If Geno beats him out, I'm good with that too, and we can cut him for dead money of $1.5M after next year. No guarantees.

Knowshon Moreno. 2014 Cap Hit $3.7M. 3 Yrs, $12.5M. $2M SB, $3M Yr 1, $3.5M Yr 2, $4M Yr 3.

Don't really know why this player never comes up. Perfect compliment to Ivory. Can run between the tackles, but is used extensively in the passing game, and is adept in pass pro. Perfect.

Jermichael Finley. 2014 Cap Hit $2M. 2 yrs, $5M.

Scary spine injury last year, so obviously this would have to be OK'd by the Docs. He says he's good to go. If so, could be a steal in an otherwise crap TE market.

Anthony Spencer. 2014 Cap Hit $2.5M. Same deal as Finley.

Same as above, except knee. Just about everybody is writing him off, including, it seems, the Cowboys. But Spencer is just one year removed from paying at All-Pro level under Rob Ryan, He's the perfect fit for this defense: great edge setter who can also generate pressure. This signing is upside only.

Total 2014 Cap Hit: $37.7M. Remaining Cap Space before Draft $8.1M. No problem.

IV) Draft

The availability of players was taken from the latest Walter Football mock draft. Its the most widely read mock that goes up to 5 Rds, and seems like a good default position.

Rd 1, pick 18) WR Brandin Cooks.

Not only do I love this player and think he's a value here, but he's a perfect fit in terms of need and scheme. Great route runner, creates space, terrific hands and creates explosive plays.

Trade pick 49 to SF (who wants Bishop Sankey) for 61, 125 and 189. (410 value pts for 355).

Rd 2, pick 61) G David Yankey.

I know we already signed Schwartz, but Winters scares me. Everybody says he'll improve. Maybe, but I'm not buying it. Anyway, let him compete for it. Yankey is one of the best Guard in the draft. Wyatt just wrote him up for more info.

Rd 3, pick 69) OLB Jeremiah Attachou.

Time for the Jets to draft a real pass rusher.

Rd 3, pick 80) FS Terrence Brooks.

So many good defensive secondary players this year that the undersized Brooks drops a bit, But I think he may end up being one of the best. Watch the FSU games, this guy always finds the ball. Real good in cover, and great in coming up to make plays. Physical despite his stature.

Rd 4, pick 111) TE C.J. Fiedeorowicz

Not a great athlete, but can find a seam. One of the best blocking TEs in the draft, so he should find a role on the team.

Rd 4, pick 125) QB Aaron Murray

Long shot, but bring him in, let him learn, and maybe we got something down the road.

Rd 5, pick 142) CB Philip Gaines

Nice project. Some good cover instincts.

Rd 5, Comp) P Kirby Van der Kamp.

That's a peach, Hon. Oh Dolly, I'm hot today.

V) Projected Roster

QB: Smith, Vick, Murray

RB: Ivory, Moreno, Powell, Goodson

FB: Bohanon (sigh)

WR: Jones, Cooks, Kerley, Nelson, Hill

TE: Cumberland, Finley, Fiedorwicz,

C: Mangold, Freeman

G: Schwartz, Yankey, Winters, Campbell

T: Brick, Howard, Aboushi, Ijalana

DE: Wilkerson, Richardson, Douzable

DT: Harrison, Ellis, Finau

ILB: Harris, Davis, McIntyre, Troy Davis

OLB: Coples, Spencer, Attaochu, Barnes

CB: Milliner, Verner, Wilson, Walls, Lankster

S: Landry, Brooks, Allen, Bush, Jarrett

K: Folk

P: Van der Kamp

LS Perdum.

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