WR Free Agents To Look At

Jeremy Maclin- Signed 1 year deal with the Eagles, which sucks for the Jets because he would be a perfect fit for a 1 year deal. He knows our system so too bad he signed.

Eric Decker- Over rated not a number 1 talent. He is not worth number 1 money for explanations see my previous article written about Decker. He is not a big target and is not a game changer. He is a solid WR, but cannot take over games. At best he is a number 2 WR. He is a speedy WR but that’s about it. The reason why Decker can be getting number 1 money is because this year WR free agents are slim.

Hakeem Nicks- Injury Prone which has slowed him up as of late. The guy is playing scared and the last two seasons have been subpar. If the Jets sign him fans should be very upset, unless it’s for a 1 year 5.5 million deal.

Anquan Boldin- We want to bring in a young WR with speed, and playmaking ability. A guy Geno can grow with. Boldin is too old for our team. He could be a good pick up though because he can teach our young WR we are going to draft how to be a professional in the NFL and how to train and study hard.

James Jones- Although he has played very well for the Packers, he is not a number 1 talent. He has too many drops. We should stay away from Jones. He also has played with a top 5 QB in a great offensive system which has boosted his numbers.

Sidney Rice- He was recently released by the Seahawks due to contract numbers. He is extremely injury prone. This would not be a bad pick up for the Jets, if he would come on a 1-2 year contract for the right price. He is tall at 6’4 and speedy. He is also only 27 and going into the prime of his career. Remember who are GM is, Idzik might try to bring in some Seattle guys this off season. His injuries have definitely plagued him so he could play scared, and be a step slow.

A guy to look at could be Kenny Britt. Although he is injury prone, has a big mouth, and off the field issues, he is young and talented. In the right situation this guy can flat out play football. The guy is tall and physical. He is a number 1 talent. He can help in the red zone and become a game changer. He is a player where the other team needs to game plan against. If we could sign him to a 1-3 year deal of prove what you can do contract, I think the Jets could have a steal. He can help our Offensive next season and could come to us at a cheaper price. He is a difference maker we have missed over the previous seasons.

After looking at this years free agent WR class there are too many question marks. The class is slim with many question marks due to injuries. The Jets could try and take a risk on either Britt or Rice but only if the price is right. They need to not over pay and build through the draft which I think Idzik is prepared to do.

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