John Idzik, a GM in no rush to reveal himself?

A full year has passed for us to examine our GM but are we any wiser on his philosophy? Is there anything we can say with great certainty about his work so far? So far everything seems very hush hush, fixing the leaks seem to have the desired effect our Rookie GM wanted. But are there any hidden clue's that may help us gain a better idea on what we might expect in the future?

The Cap

Well he seems to have done a good job last year from a cap perspective filling out the entire roster on a shoe string budget. When Idzik took over he had no cap to work with. After cuts, restructure's etc he raised our cap sufficiently to fill out the roster. Most of the moves Idzik made were quite obvious one's but there was one obvious move that's Idzik failed to make. He didn't ask David Harris to restructure his mammoth $13M cap number. Harris was the highest earner on our team in 2013 but Idzik seemed comfortable paying that amount. A strange move for a team in cap trouble. Was he choosing to pay Harris now to leave his 2014 contract more manageable?

Do you see a hidden philosophy behind Idzik's handling of Harris here?

The Draft

Idzik managed to find 5 starters in last year's draft but was this just luck? I think he expected our 2 1st round picks to start and maybe T-Bo because of need at that position but i think Idzik expected Sanchez to start before the injury and Ducasse looked to be the front runner at LG too. So in a way Idzik was lucky to see 5 of his picks play as many snaps as they did. Should we expect the same amount of success again this year given we have up to 12 potential rookies on our squad next year? In theory i would say yes but one thing seems to get lost here. Idzik seemed content to see his 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th round picks sit on the sidelines. There wasn't any real urgency of expectation from Idzik regarding his draft class even though it was a season that required all hands on deck ( cap wise and roster wise ).

Is this something we will see again this year?

Free Agency

Idzik spent very frugally in 2013 but he didn't really have much choice. None of our higher profile FA's were brought back and no real major moves of intent were shown when signing the guys we did bring back. We haven't as many high profile FA's this year. With the exception of Howard most of this years FA's could be brought back for a relatively small figure. As far as hitting the market for other FA's, Idzik took a very reserved approach, signing lots of players who's weren't in demand.

Should we expect more of our own FA's back this time? Will he be happy to just fill holes again or will the extra cap encourage him to sign some elite talent in FA?

At the moment i could see our GM having as many as 3 possible philosophy's .

We could have a " slow and steady wins the race " GM, a guy who isn't in any rush for our rookies to start day 1, who has a BPA approach in the draft and uses FA as a stop gap until the younger guys are ready.

We could have a " react to circumstances " GM, spend money when you have it, spend less when you don't. Use FA's to fill big needs some years and rookies to fill big needs in other years.

Or we could have a " pedal to the metal " GM, stuck in the pits year 1 and now ready to put the hammer down. Expect to find multiple starters from every draft and spend big on FA to take us over the top.

One thing we fans can say for certain, we are really no wiser on our GM after a full season. Will Idzik keep us guessing on his philosophy for another season or will Idzik the GM finally reveal himself.

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