Jimmy (Garoppolo) & The Jets.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a name you should be seeing if your paying attention to current draft news. Over the past 2 months this kid has taken a rocket ship straight up the Big Boards. After great Performances at the Shrine Game and Senior Bowl Week, Jimmy has turned a ton of heads.


220 lbs
2013 Stats: 66% Pass Completion, 53 TDs, 9 INTs.

What I like About Him: I am no expert on him as a player. And being from the small school of Eastern Illinois, the tape/highlight film on him that is easy available to the public is very limited. From the small amounts of tape have seen & what I have read about him, his release & accuracy are GREAT. His eyes, legs, and brain seem to have to lapse in reaction time, they all work as a single unit.

This guy decides fast where he wants to throw the ball, and the millisecond he decides where he wants it, that ball is already out of his hands. Lighting fast decision making and lighting fast release are something to like in a QB. Also, his deep ball is amazing. He probably has one of the most accurate & prettiest deep balls in this class, especially on fade routes. He puts the ball right over the receivers shoulder. He can put a ball on a dime where only his guy can get to it.

He is also a 4 year starter. Even though its at a small school, he still knows what its like to be the head of a team and lead that team. Any amount of experience helps and 3-4 years is a long time no matter where you are playing.

What I Don't Like About Him: Small School. I am always weary of peoples competition. But in Jimmy's case I think his hype is because of his intangibles and his readiness as an NFL prospect, not the crazy numbers he put up in his weak conference. But still, competition should be taken into account. I've seen one scout say that his completion is so weak that the defenders appeared to be "moving in slow motion".

His doesn't have a cannon, his arm is just average. But I think great mechanics, good decision making and a lighting fast release should make up for that.

Athleticism. He doesn't seem very athletic. If we are looking for a dual threat QB (Which you all know I love), then Jimmy G isn't your guy. He has very active feet in the pocket, but just doesn't posses the athleticism to get away from defenders & break off big gains. But that's just from the limited amount of video I've seen on him. I guess he'll have a chance to prove me wrong at the upcoming Combine.

Fit For the Jets: For those that aren't down to swing for the fences on a Bridewater, Manziel or Bortles, and for those that aren't comfortable with a 4-7th round QB either, Jimmy could be your guy. He would provide REAL competition to Geno. Theres nothing that I haven't seen or heard that makes me think he couldn't beat Geno out for the job. I know some of us are of the mindset that you should draft a QB every year until you find one. Jimmy would be a great pickup for that purpose. He might be a project, or he might be ready to roll based on his expeireicne, intaglibles & intelligence. If his intangibles translate to harder competition, we could have a special player on our hands.

Right now he is expected to be a 2nd Round Pick. What do you guys think of him? Based on the ammount of draft picks we have, do you think Jimmy Garoppolo would be worth picking up? If you want to see a few highlights, you can check out the vid below.

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