New York Jets Free Agency

The Jets have a lot of needs but honestly were not that far. The AFC is not as strong as the NFC which is great for us and we can become a playoff team with some free agent/smart drafting.

Cuts: Antonio Cromartie- simply too much cap but we will resign him back for a lower rate. 3-5 million a year(2-3 year deal)

Santonio Holmes- goodbye holmes! Injuries and has not lived up to his contract.

Mark Sanchez- see ya buttfumble! I'll show you the door

Jaquiwann Jarrett- can upgrade here in the later draft rounds


Antonio Cromartie- I believe one of the best corners when healthy

Austin Howard- had a solid year for us and you want to keep geno protected

Willie Colon- as long as his surgery and all go well he should be back

Ed Reed- just as a situational. I didn't like him taking away time from antonio allen but one thing he did good was help out Dee Millner. (Plus Rex likes Ed.)

Nick Folk- he was clutch for us this year and deserves to be kept.

Jeff Cumberland- shows some flashes here and there. Winslow is done and is too old.

Lankster/trufunt- special team players

Leger Douzable- keep our defensive line solid. Comes in to give our great d line a rest.

Free Agency-

Dennis Pitta- fill in the gap here and we won't have to worry about waiting for our tight end to grow up. Hes a excellent target for geno and we wouldn't break our salary cap completely down. (4 year 22 million)

Sidney Rice- even if we have to trade, he is expected to be cut. Since Idizk was with Seattle, this move makes sense. He has excellent hands and he didn't play all year so we can get him for a steal. 3 year 12 million.

Tj Ward/Jarius Bryd- get our ball hawking saftey that we need back there. With a proper saftey back there will have one of the best secondaries in football like we did in 2012.

Draft- Round 1- Marquise Lee- would like to get an explosive guy for geno. We have been lacking a guy like this for years. He has shown that he is capable of becoming a number 1 or 2 receiver in this league.

Round 2- Kyle Van Noy- Rex has been craving an OLB since he got here. Hopefully we luck out here and finish oppur dominant defense. Also Antwan Barnes will be back next year so our Linebackers will be better then ever.

Round 3- Cryil Richardson- need depth on the alfensive line just incase anything happens. Looks like he needs time and can learn behind winters/colon.

Round 3- Arthur Lynch- think we double down on tight end. Geno needs big targets and the injuries we had this year i think its worth getting dept.

Round 4- D'Anthony Thomas (will replace Alex Green) and I think fits well with Marty.

Round 5-7 (Best Player Available) I'd like to get corner Aaron Colvin looks like he needs time but has good upside.

What do you guys think? I know I have done a lot of mock drafts but I really thought and was being realistic as possible. I would be very happy with this team and think we would have a legitimate chance of the playoffs and even winning our divison. Rate and comment what do you think? Agree Disagree? Like or Dislike and if you don't agree tell me who you would want.

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