New York Jets Mock Offseason

The Jets were predicted to win no more than 2 games just last season. They ended up 8-8 and opened a lot of peoples eyes and shut a lot of critics mouths. The emergence of the Jets young defensive Line and the mind of Rex Ryan, who just received his multi year extension. Has a lot of fans wondering, WHAT IS NEXT FOR REX AND THE JETS? Thankfully John Idzik has close to 45 million in cap to play with and 12 draft picks. So they Jets will continue to get better and here is how.

First off the Jets will have to cut some dead weight !!


  • Mark Sanchez: This will save the Jets 8.3 mill in cap, and lets The SANCHIZE IS OVER !!
  • Antonio Cromartie: He will more than likely be resigned at a lower cost.
  • Santonio Holmes: Is a Team Cancer and will save the Jets 8.3 million
  • Mike Goodson: He showed promise but the jets don't need anyone with the off the field issues the brings.
A good portion of the Jets money should be used to bring back some of the talent they already have.
  • Austin Howard: Is a quality Left Tackle that the Jets cant afford to lose.
  • Willie Colon: Beside the bone head penalties he is a asset to the Jets on and off the field.
  • Nick Folk: Had a pro bowl caliber season but was snubbed like some other Jets.
  • Jeff Cumberland: Can be a nice number 2 tight end.
  • Antonio Cromartie: Had a off year due to nagging him injuries, a pro bowl caliber player when healthy>
  • David Harris: Is a good quality who definitely showed stay and start at a reduced price.
  • Muhammad Wilkerson: Is becoming one of the most dominant defensive ends in all of the NFL, already and will become a free agent next year. The Jets showed look to lock him up long term.
The Jets have a lot of money to work with this off season and should look to build a contending team through free agency.
  • Jairus Byrd or TJ Ward: Both have proven them selves as one off the top players in there positions. As I rather have Ward because he would come cheaper, he is more likely to receive the franchise tag.
  • Brian Orakpo: The Jet need to bring this guy in ASAP. Just imagine the chaos the Jets will bring on QB's every Sunday and having a stud safety in Byrd or Ward in the back end. Would give the Jets a Top 2 defense behind Seattle.
  • Jeremy Maclin: Would be a immediate upgrade over any WR on the roster. And he already knows the play book.
  • Micheal Vick: I'm personally not to sold on Geno Smith yet, but do think he could be our future in a year or two. I wanted him to sit behind Sanchez this year. I like how he showed promise the last 3 or 4 games, but i think him and the Jets can benefit from this. Mike Vick is still a quality starter a top 15 QB when healthy in my mind. Already knows the playbook and if he get hurt, so what we can plug Geno back in to progress.
This is a key area in the Jets road back to contention, building through the draft.
  • I have the Jets trading a 2nd, 4th and a 6th round pick to get back into the first round.
  • Round 1): Eric Ebron ( TE/ UNC): Not afraid of contact catches. Makes a lot of highlight real catches and has game breaking speed and athleticism coming from the tight end position.
  • Round 1): Kelvin Benjamin ( WR/ FSU) I seen the nickname "Kelvatron" on YouTube while watching some of his highlight tapes. And that What he was. Standing at 6'5 he pulls in the tough contested, highlight reel catches, a plus to go along with his 4.5 speed.
  • Round 3): Ahmad Dixon ( SS/ Baylor)
  • Round 3): Andre Williams (RB/ Boston College)
  • Round 4): Antone Exum (CB/ Virginia Tech)
  • Round 5): Jon Halapio (OG/ Florida)
  • Round 5): Brandon Linder (OG/ Miami)
  • Round 7): Best Player Available
  • Round 7): Best Player Available
  • Round 7): Best Player Available

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