Jets Second Round Version 2.0

Clearly, this pick depends on the first. But, I'm going to take a look at the players ranked near the are we are picking. We currently have the 49th pick. Again, looking into CBS top player rankings I'm going to go with 43rd-55th. 6 picks on either side. Some of these guys will definitely be gone. Some may become 3rd round picks. It's all we have to go on in this early stage. There are some exceptions because so many of the position are available we could get a fall.

Second Round:

Scott Crichton DE/OLB (43rd overall, 4th position): 47 tackles, 19 for a loss, 7.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles. That's 27 times, he tackled someone behind the line. Just about twice a game. His play was "more disruptive than the numbers indicate." Apparently he had a lot of hurries. Most likely will have to move to OLB. One report said his hands need work. Another said he uses his hands very well to chop and rip through opponents. I think once engaged he has problems. So he works hard to make sure that doesn't happen. He times the snap well and has some explosion off the line. Not considered to have a high ceiling. Is a "safe" pick in the second round. This is because he is a little slow for tackling from behind. Really seems like a pass rushing guy to me.

Drafting: If he can make the move to OLB, I actually like him. We have the run stopping ability already. If this guy really is a pass rusher, then he fits for the Jets.

Trent Murphy DE/OLB (44th overall, 5th position): 62 tackles, 6 PD, 1 forced fumble, 1 int, 15 sacks, and 24.5 tackles for a loss. That's 40 times he brought someone down behind the line. Over 3 a game. A "great fit as a 3-4 OLB in the NFL." He is a second rounder because his speed and explosion is slightly lacking. Uses physical abilities because of his lack of speed. The guy really seems to be a play-maker. Regardless of his measurements. Has good hand work to shed blockers and to knock them away initially. Decent ability to drop back in pass coverage.

Draftings: Interesting guy. All his measurements, and abilities seem lacking. But he still produces like a monster. It could be drive, technique, or IQ. Regardless, he would definitely help getting to the QB. Seems like a better fit than Crichton.

Bradley Roby CB (45th overall, 5th position): CBS has him this low. Most mocks have him as a late first rounder. He has has a bad season on and off the field so maybe he will fall. Now his off the field problems are a bar fight in which he was suspended for. I personally don't put a bar fight that high as far as worrisome compared to drunk driving, drugs, etc. They happen and if it's isolated, whatever. He's a bit small, but is blazing fast running a 4.39. His ball instincts aren't the best and seems to need more aggression in short routes. The latter of these may have been how his college scheme/coach worked. He had a pretty bad season. He was thought to be a solid first rounder before the year started. If you are thinking CB here, he must come in for workouts with your team.

Drafting: Seems to have the speed and athleticism for the NFL. Not going to get you a lot of INT, but should be a good coverage guy. A little small at 5-11 190. The slip in play has me worried. Someone so fast should not be getting beat deep. Sure, maybe giving up a few dumps. But he was getting torched deep this year.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE (46th overall, 3rd position): 36 catches, 12.5 yards per catch, 8 TDs. A lot of us know about this guy. He runs great routes and finds holes. This give him a massive target who uses his size to catch the ball. Shows good flexibility for his size, 6-7 275. Gets off the line well and accelerates well. Top speed is meh at 4.6-4.7. Once he has the ball, he breaks arm tackles easily (he better at 6-7 275). Got a DUI, but took the steps to correct this. Although huge, he doesn't bully people. He uses his size with finesse to get open. Not going to burn anybody but he's large enough to win jumps. He has improved as a blocker in his last year.

Drafting: Seems like a really solid TE. Massive player he still has room to learn how to bully with his body. Lines up at TE unlike Ebron/Amaro. I actually like the value of Jenkins here than Ebron/Amaro in the first. Even if they have a much higher ceiling. I think Jenkins will be quite good but he has mocks going as high as late first round.

Lamarcus Joyner CB/S (48th overall, 6th position): 69 tackles, 7 for a loss, 2 picks, 4 PD, 3 forced fumbles and 5.5 sacks. The dude seems to be everywhere. Very small at 5-8 190. But interestingly, "Despite his smaller frame, Joyner plays like he's 6-2 and 225 pounds, hitting like truck in run support." Well that's always nice to read. Has played some safety and done well with that. He plays at full throttle all the time. Great timing and very impressive closing burst. Just accelerates in a blink. Excellent awareness and instincts. Only knock I find is that he is over-aggressive at times with fakes.

Drafting: I love me some hard hitting DBs. He is said to fit well at nickle corner and safety. Can be used a kick returner too. As for the Jets, to we really need a big hitting safety? Our issues come in coverage, which Joyner does do alright with. Most of his upside is truly in aggression. I hope he works out with teams as a safety so we can see what he does there.

Jordan Matthews WR (49th overall, 8th position). Decent size at 6-3 210. Jerry Rice's cousin (whatever that counts for). 19 yards per catch. My god that's a lot. Very very good hands raking in 112 catches and 7 TDs. Very good route runner. Lacks speed an explosiveness for first round. He runs a 4.55 40.

Drafting: I really like Matthews after reading up on him. He sure handed, good route running, decently big target. That's great on all fronts. If you have to compare him in the 2nd vs Ebron in the 1st. I go Matthews every time. Some mocks have him as a very late first round though.

Cyril Richardson OG (50th overall, 3rd position): Played mostly tackle but will probably be a guard in the NFL. Solid run blocker. He has a massive frame at 350, and a large wingspan. He tends to let defenders get in close to him though. Needs to get aggressive with his pushes. Surprisingly nimble for 350 and moves side to side well.

Drafting: A very big Guards who can move well. That's something to always like. Seems like decent value at this spot.

Tre Mason RB (51st overall, 2nd position): Well, the surprise National Championship contender run helped this man. His 40 speeds from different sources are conflicting. I see 4.5 and 4.6 in many spots. So, we gotta wait on that. One-cut powerful runner even though he is on the smaller side in stature. He seems to have some smarts in the backfield and uses blockers well. This is what helps him get his 5.7 per carry for 1621 on the season. He has 22 TDs to go along with that. Doesn't have pull away speed and may get worn down being so physical at his size.

Draftings: Just seems like a solid all around back. Not flashy at anything but can do a good job when given the ball. Does everything well but not amazing. Not a bad second round prospect. But, for the Jets, we already have a bunch of guys like this. No major upgrade now or in the near future. Kind of seems like a waste.

Jackson Jeffcoat DE/OLB (52nd overall, 6th position): 6-4 250. Is currently on the lanky side. For us, he would not try and add weight and stay this way and move to OLB. Has natural pass rush ability. 79 Tackles, 13 sacks, 19 tackles for a loss, 3 PD, and 1 Int. That's 32 tackles behind the line, over 2 a game. Is said to be a project at both DE and OLB because his build is right in between. Good burst to put tackles off balance, and corner turning speed. His moves are minimal. Relies on being faster off the snap and during the play. "He could fit best as a 3-4 rush linebacker."

Drafting: That last quote puts him out for me. We have one of those goes already. Unless he really can get to the QB, and wreak havoc on a regular basis, we are simply sacrificing more holes in pass defense. Too much risk in this round for a player like this. At least for me.

Antonio Richardson OT (53rd overall, 7th position): Although ranked here by CBS, it looks like he is a first rounder potential. Huge man at 6-6 332. Everything I read is good. Quick, patient, and powerful. Shocking athleticism for his size. If he's here, it's a steal for any team.

Drafting: Definitely high value if he's here. I do like him as a player. I don't think he starts over Howard at RT, or Ferguson at LT this year. But, it's a really solid backup plan if Ferguson deteriorates quickly. If we get a skill position in the first, I'd like to see him picked if around. Also, Howard could be gone in FA. Wait to see on that.

Will Sutton DT/DE (54th overall, 6th position): He would be a DE for us. 6-1, 305. Not a great season with 48 tackles, 13.5 tackles for a loss, and 4 sacks. Quick feet and balance. Good acceleration. Strong and active hands. Good recognition. Less than desirable straight line speed, and short arms. Fatigues quick.
Drafting: Just doesn't seem like a good scheme fit. Plus the Jets really don't need a project DE with the line we have. Big pass.

Jarvis Landry WR (55th overall, 9th position) After some wide receivers have moved away from us, another falls right in the sweet spot to be picked. Jarvis has 75 catches, 15.6 yards/catch and 10 TDs on the season. Oh and that's with Odell Beckham, now 34th on CBS rankings, also catching balls. "Tough receiver with good hands" is always nice to see. Expected to run around a 4.5 40. He didn't have a game with less than 4 catches. Had 3 games with sub 80 yards catching (58,66,71) and 5 games with 100+ (109,118,156,121,113). I guess by not being a big play guy, he falls to the later second round. I don't see anything wrong with him as a pick here.

Drafting: Seems like a very possession receiver. I think his ceiling is a #2. A solid receiver in all areas but no explosive enough to push him over the edge. I think someone like this could be found in FA.

Phew that took a while. A lot of people want to look at skill positions heavy in this draft. I don't think that's realistic though for both 1st and 2nd.

Players I like in this list include Murphy, Matthews, Sefarian-Jenkins, Richardson, Richardson.

Matthews: I like him the most. Just seems like great value at the spot and will really help the Jets now. Especially since I don't think we will be able to get WR in the first. And because I don't like the TEs in the first. Just a bit of a reach if you have someone like this waiting in the second.

Antonio Richardson: He comes next for me. I think we are going to have big line problems in the near future. Get moving on it now before it becomes a problem. If we go skill position in the first, I want to address the line in the second.

Murphy: I like him a ton. Wreaks havoc in pass rush. I think he might be the best player in this list, but is lower because I think we are okay at OLB with Coples and Pace. Being proactive for Pace departure would be fine with me and I would gladly take Murphy at this spot.

Sefarian-Jenkins: I think he is the TE going where he should. Ebron and Amaro before 27 seems like reaching a bit. Especially with such a specific skill set that I doubt Geno will be able to utilize right now. Jenkins is bigger than both, and plays from the actual TE spot. He can block decently enough and still has room to grow in learning how to bully with his size. Missing out on a WR/TE in the first I'd be glad to take him. But, we better get a WR in FA with this pick.

Cyril Richardson: Again, I think we need OLine help now. He would come in competing for a spot at LG immediately. I think his size a better fit there than RG and Winters could make the move easier. This would mean cutting the strings with Vlad. I couldn't be happier about that. Vlad is in his 4th year, and doesn't start. He was a project guy that didn't work out. I think Richardson is more sound of a blocker now and could help out.

So, these are the guys who are right around our pick. I'm sure there are some later that I would like (Deone Bucannon). Anybody see somebody they like? Or have an argument against my favorites? Since past the first round is always foggy, it's fun to talk about all the possibilities.

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