Did The Seahawks Just Kill The Current NFL?

So as we all know, yesterday, the Seattle Seahawks demolished, crushed, and obliterated the Denver Broncos in every aspect the game, which lead to a 43-8 Victory for the World Champion Seahawks.

Let me ask 2 questions/Raise 2 Points.

1. Did The Seahawks just kill the idea of the "Passing/Offense Happy Leauge" that the NFL has become?

Before this season started, and for the past few seasons, the NFL was headed in a very offensively heavy direction. Every team wanted to load up on WRs/TEs and get a QB to sling the ball for 400 yards a game. RBs, FBs, and Defense were all being slowly phased out. It seemed like that within the next 3 years you would see more teams like the Oregon Ducks in the NFL. Teams with that Ducks Playstyle: "Screw Defense, score 40 points every game."

The Broncos are the best Offense in NFL History, and they were CRUSHED by the Seahawks Defense. Did the Seahawks Prove once and for all, that Defense is King? The Seahawks passing attack is very limited. Russel Wilson is a beast, but the Seahawks have no great receiving weapons outside of a never-healthy Percy Harvin. They won on the backs of a great defense and a great running game.

The Broncos are what 30 other teams in the NFL wanted to be. This crazy high flying offense with weapons as far as the eye can see. After what happened to the Broncos, will we start to see the NFL revert back to all around play? Where the Defense and the Running Game are equally as important? It seems like taking down the best passing offense ever should do the trick right?

2. Will we see Copy-Cats?

How many teams do you actually think will try to mimic the Seahawks? How many teams just ripped all the WRs & TEs off their Big Boards and replaced them with Pass Rushers and CBs? Will we see an unusual emphasis on Defense in this draft after what the Seahawks just did?

(I would call us Copycats, but we were already headed in that direction anyway. We were already similar to the Seahawks).

So do you just think this game was a fluke? Or should this game be taken as a statement that, Defense really does win Championships, and the important of having an amazing offense & amazing weapons is highly overrated?

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