A Gang Green Mock Draft Dream Come True!

First of all, for all of you out there obsessing about the draft. go check out and do your own mock draft. The data is updated every Tuesday so these results have taken into account numbers posted at combine. This is what I got during my draft, if this happened in real life, I'd definitely place a futures bet on Jets making playoffs in 2014.



Round 1: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M - This one was an easy no brianer, Mike Evans is my #2 WR in this draft by a longshot and reminds me of Jimmy Graham as a wideout. As an Aggie, I've had the pleasure of watching him every weekend for the past two years. A big target who can also make plays is the best of both worlds when it comes to weapons for Geno.

Round 2: Gabe Jackson, G, Mississippi State - I was very torn here between Jackson, TCU's CB standout, Json Verrett and Washington's Austin S Jenkins at TE. I thought Gabe Jackson of the three seemed to be the last prospect on the board at his respected position with day 1 starting potential with great upside. He can slide in and be a great replacement and possibly an upgrade from WIllie Colon. Although Verrett is heralded as a top 3 CB in this draft, many people are expecting him to play nickel more than the outside because of his size. I envision an outside guy being a better fit for gang green as we have Kyle Wilson holding down the nickel.

Round 3: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State - When I saw that there was still a CB prospect on the board who many have going in the late 1st round, I couldn't resist not taking the best player available in round 3. Bradley Roby can immediately step in and not only push Dee Milliner but possibly find playing time. As Rex says, you can never have too many corners in this passing league.

Round 3: CJ Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa - A seemingly great pro-style TE who has hands and can block. The remaining TEs on the board after him seemed considerably weaker. CJ seems like he has a chance to come in and start immediately. If I were Idzik, I'd resign Cumberland and have these two battle it out for #1 in the off season

Round 4: Ed Reynolds, FS, Stanford - Very tough choosing between a great safety or a great running back in Jeremy Hill or Lache Seastrunk. I decided on Ed Reynolds, a productive free safety (6 INTs, 3 TDs last year) capable of being gang greens next ball hawk. Made the all pac 12 team the last 2 years and received high praise from various beatwriters and analysts including Fox Sports' Charles Davis, a former defensive back himself.

Round 5: Adrian Hubbard, OLB, Alabama - A 3-4 outside linebacker who had a lot of experience on one of the best coached defense in college football. The Jets' outside linebackers need some youth, and Hubbard has the frame and could be a great developmental grab late for Rex and Co to work on.

Round 6: Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech - This is the guy everyone is talking about, not quite consistent enough at QB to be taken high but has measurables off the chart. Also projects very well as a TE which he could end up playing in the NFL as well. Why keep Matt Simms around when you can have a very exciting project sitting behind Geno that can also play TE. If I'm Idzik, I'd go after McCown in FA then draft Thomas if still available in round 6.

Round 7: Dri Archer, HB, Kent State - The Jets have a pretty well established 1-2 punch in Ivory and Powell. The very speedy Goodson seemed to complement them perfectly before going out to a season ending MCL/ACL injury. Dri Archer was the fastest running back at the combine who can also play a Dexter McClustor like WR role, seems like just the type of player Marty Mornhinweg would have a field day with.

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