The Mock Draft You Weren't Expecting

Last year I doubt there's a soul on earth who had the Jets taking Milliner and Richardson in the first round. Despite mock drafts growing more and more in popularity each year, it seems that the more unpredictable teams, like the Jets, still surprise everybody on draft night. Now, I'll show my hand here and say that I absolutely hate most of the mock drafts I've been seeing, from amateurs and experts alike, with relation to the Jets. Yes, we badly need skill position players offense, but that doesn't mean that's who we'll draft first and second.

If we showed anything last year, it's that we're not going to sacrifice our draft to fit certain needs immediately. Personally, I think all the WR's projected to be there in the late first round are incredibly overrated and wouldn't be ranked so high in past years. Not to mention, I think it's a very deep class in the middle and late rounds. As for TE's? The flashiest new position, people seem to think any quality TE is worth a first rounder. I disagree strongly and I am by no means impressed enough by Ebron to take him in the first.

With all this said, I have compiled a mock draft of who I think the draft will/should take, based on BPA and weighted for position needs. I intentionally chose players I did not see most drafts listing the Jets as taking, because will all probability that's more likely to be the case. I also didn't just pick a position for the sake of picking a position. Yes, I have us taking defense in the first round, again. But that's because I don't think any skill position offensive players are worth the pick in that spot in the first this year and it makes no sense to me to pick an offensive player there just for the sake of breaking the trend.

1st Round: C.J. Mosley, OLD/ILB, Alabama

Absolute stud. The only issue is he's been all over the draft board, going anywhere in mocks from top 10 to not even in the first. I think there's a good chance he falls to us as he's projected as a mid-to-late first rounder by a number of more reasonable drafts. He's incredibly versatile in that he can play anywhere, but looks his best at OLB. Plus, he has a tremendous motor for linebacker. A day one starter for sure and if he is still there when the Jets pick, I imagine them having a very hard time passing him up.

2nd Round: Travis Swanson, C/G, Arkansas

Most of the mocks I've seen have him going in the 2nd at highest. Personally, I have no idea why he isn't projected higher, but here's to wishful thinking that he's there at our pick in the second. Another day one starter, I see him as being the eventual heir to Mangold, but until that day comes, can absolutely lock-down the Guard position. I would be over the moon with this pick and he would break the chain of terrible 2nd round draft choices by the Jets.

3rd Round: Shayne Stov, ILB, Stanford

This guy can be that dominant middle linebacker we've been thinking Demario Davis would be. After seeing Xes and Oes article on Davis, I went back and looked more closely at the ILB prospects and Stov jumped out at me more than anyone else. Great instincts and a surprisingly stealth blitzer, he's another guy who could move up the boards in a lot of mocks before the draft. Put him in an offseason competition with Davis and we'd be set at linebacker for a few years.

3rd Round: Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado

A natural, this kid looks like he was born to player receiver. Perfect measurables, solid fundamentals and impeccable hands, I love the way this kid plays the game. If drafted he'd immediately be the second best receiver on this team (assuming either Holmes is still here or we sign one of the top tier free agents) and could also start for us at the #2 spot from day one. Tremendous upside, he's my favorite among the middle-of-the-pack group.

4th Round: Kapri Bibbs, RB, Colorado State

A project player who doesn't have a lot of experience, Bibbs has a lot of potential and best of all, young legs. A lot of people are a take-a-QB-in-every-draft type. Well, I'm the same with RB's, given how short their mileage tends to be. If he's there when we pick, it's debatable whether or not he is BPA, but I'm basing that on his upside since it's the fourth. Everything wrong with his game mostly comes down to sloppy fundamentals and with time and experience, I think that could be fixed. Should be able to contribute in multiback and special teams sets.

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